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Update 12 years on. I…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 3/22/2021
Update 12 years on. I published a previous review in 2014 when my 15.5 Expedition was a little over a year old. I've put a lot of kayak touring miles on her since then and have paddled a number of other boats in that time, but my Delta and I are still happy together. Do note that the 15.5 Expedition is a boat built to carry a load and handles best when loaded up with gear. She can be a bit "squirrely" paddled empty, so when doing day trips I place a 5 gallon bag of water in both the bow and stern hatches which helps tremendously in wind and chop. A paddling partner and I started section paddling the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail last year and I had planned to purchase a new, longer boat for the more open ocean paddling. But then Covid hit and the supply of good new and used sea kayaks simply dried up. So I started with my 15.5 Expedition and she has handled everything the CT has thrown at her - shallow water chop, winds from all directions, head winds up to 25 mph, 4-7 days of camping supplies including gallons of fresh water at a time. My paddling partner with her sleeker FG 17' boat has to slow down a bit for me since the 15.5 is NOT a speedster, but we manage a consistent 2-4 mph, for 6-10 hours a day in almost every kind of sea and wind condition. Over the 12 years I have done hardly any maintenance and no repair. I added some hip and thigh pads and KeelEazy early on and I keep her clean with a garden hose spray out after each trip, some cleaning and polishing a couple of times a year, and keep her in the garage between paddles. My 15.5 Expedition has not disappointed me yet and I feel very safe in her since we know each other so well by now.

Got my 15.5GT two seasons ago…

Submitted by: paddler236283 on 6/14/2016
Got my 15.5GT two seasons ago and love it. It's fast- according to my GPS I got it up to 5.2mph for a 1/4 mile before I zonked out. It'll stay with most kayaks & people. It's stable. I'm 6'3" and 210 and I have no trouble thanks to the adjustable seat.It handles well loaded and unloaded. I've had it in some smaller cluttered rivers with no problems, and it tracks very well in the ocean and larger lakes. It holds enough gear for a week of Island camping. As a comparison, it holds a little more than 3 of my large 70 liter backpacks combined. And even more if you want stuff above deck. The rudder does help in crosswinds, motor boat wakes, etc.

Everyone, I mean everyone, compliments its' looks.

It's a great kayak.


This will be my 4th year…

Submitted by: paddler236822 on 5/31/2016
This will be my 4th year paddling the Delta 15.5 Expedition and I love this boat. The storage space for 5 days of Camping on an Island off the Coast of Maine is fantastic. The 15.5 paddles well with a full load in rough water and is very secure. The foot braces for the rudder absolutely secure and I love how you just press the outside of the peddle to adjust the rudder. The seat adjust fore and aft a custom fit. The Thermoforming hull has held up well to the low tide !aine coast landings. We have three Delta kayaks in our six man expedition group. I am looking to buy my wife a 15S for our day trips. I highly recommend this boat.

I absolutely love my 15.5…

Submitted by: paddler235845 on 8/17/2014
I absolutely love my 15.5 Expedition. It is everything I was looking for in a kayak. Tracks well, stable, handles waves and windy conditions really well and best of all it hauls a ton of gear.

While I didn't to a lot of test drives of other kayaks I did do a lot of research. I like to do multiple days camping/kayaking trips and my 15.5 is a work horse. 10 to 14 days are the norm and it hauls everything I have and more.It is also very stable which was another plus for me as I do a lot of fishing in it.

Whether it is rivers, small streams or open lakes it handles them all and gives me the confidence to take on more. At 54 lbs. it easy to load and unload and makes portages a little less daunting. At age 59, this is a good thing.

But in addition to all these things I like about this kayak. What sold it for me was a video I saw of the owner taking a hammer and literally just wailed away at the bottom of the kayak. Not a blemish.


I have owned a Delta 15.5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/20/2014
I have owned a Delta 15.5 Expedition for 6 years. I've taken it on 8 tours (each a week long) and have kayaked on average 40 day trip a year with the Delta.

The D15.5 has very good primary and secondary stability. You can edge the kayak nicely without it being 'twitchy'. Hard to tip this boat over when practicing rescues, but surprisingly easy to roll, even when loaded.

Speed is a bit of an issue. It's a wide kayak and very comfortable. However, when touring with groups that have performance kayaks, I'm not left too far behind. I've since purchased a Nimbus Telkwa and I'm now having to wait for the group to catch up with me, so I guess pushing harder in the Delta trained me well. If speed isn't an issue, the Delta is a great day or touring kayak.

The front and back bulkheads are large, and the hatches are big. If anything, there is too much space. Once loaded, the Delta tracks nicely without the rudder down.

The cockpit is large, and the seat is comfortable. It did break on me (the hinge on the back of the seat). Delta sent a new seat straight away and were fantastic to deal with.

Durability is good. It is thermoset plastic. It can take quite a beating (I've seen demos where these kayaks have been hit by a hammer over and over without breaking). It does scratch on rocks etc, so like all good kayakers, don't run up and down rocky beaches unless you have some kind of protecting (Keel Eazy is fantastic for this). In cold, cold conditions, the plastic will be more brittle and break easily, so don't go on any trips to the North Pole with a thermoset kayak.

It's also very light and easy for one person to lift onto a car (harder after a day of kayaking though).

When unloaded, it sits high in the water. When it's choppy or rough, the Delta doesn't cut through the waves. I don't like using a rudder, but it's almost always necessary when the conditions turn for the worst. However, when loaded, the Delta holds a straight line through choppy seas.

A tad slower than performance kayaks, but that's offset by it's stability and comfort. It's a bit wide for my liking. I had to really pad out the thigh braces to enable me to roll.

Overall, it's a great entry-intermediate level kayak. I use my Delta for day trips and the Telkwa for touring and days that are choppy/rough. Very durable, comfortable and tracks well with the rudder down or loaded with gear. I'll never sell it.


Most new kayak models come…

Submitted by: paddler235425 on 1/20/2014
Most new kayak models come out and boast "new design" when in fact they're mainly a takeoff of another model or manufacturer. DELTA KAYAKS changed all that. When they first came out I saw a completely radical design, style, and material using the Thermoform technology. The 12.10, 14.5, and 15.5 all have the same hull and deck configuration. I first purchased the 12.10 for ease of transport and storage, but now I've moved up to the 15.5 and have been using it quite frequently for 5 years.

One could say it's the Suburban SUV of kayaks. Very stable, strong, and has incredible storage capacity. I use it mainly for my kayak camping trips, but end up carrying other peoples "stuff" cuz their boats just won't take it all.

As far as speed and agility, it's not a racing kayak. Wasn't designed to be, but what it is, is a great novice boat where one can learn in, but then has enough advanced features, (like super secondary stability), so one can grow into it. I hate putting good money into anything that I end up outgrowing after a few times. If the 15.5 is too big, go for the 14.5. Lots of capacity, same stable design, but I wanted the extra capacity so I got the 15.5.

While the width of the three boats I mentioned are made for midsize to larger paddlers, the way the seat adjusts, (like in a car), and the optional fit kit Delta has, one can customize the cockpit to fit them snugly.

No, I don't work for the company, but I strongly support them. Out of 11 boats, four of them are Deltas. Why? They're awesome. I use the 18.5 for my expedition paddling, the 15.5 for camping, and the Catfish for fishing, and my wife has a Delta 16.

Owners Sandra and Colin are great to talk with and if I had a question or concern, they responded to me immediately and very pleasantly.
I would suggest a Delta for anyone interested in any kind of paddling.


I bought my Delta 15.5…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 1/15/2014
I bought my Delta 15.5 Expedition two summers ago for overnight touring here in Florida. She handles big loads very well when properly balanced. While most of my kayaking is on rivers, I've had her out in some pretty big swells along the coast and also some rough surf. I stayed nice and dry with a Seals sprayskirt (don't know what the other poster's problem was) and she handled very well in quartering, beam-on, and following seas and wind.

The slightly larger cockpit opening makes it easy to get in and out when you can't find an easy launch site or want to snorkel. The extra inch in height on the Expedition model does make re-entry from deep water harder, especially in a PFD, but that just takes practice.

While not the fastest touring yak on the market, I paddle to enjoy nature not to race, so the large capacity for camping gear and the stability for photography suit my purposes. She's picked up some scratches over the past 2 years but still looks great. I know we've many more years of paddling adventures ahead of us.


I bought this boat at the end…

Submitted by: paddler235368 on 10/2/2013
I bought this boat at the end of a season sale (used 4 months) after capsizing my wife's Seaward 16' a couple of times and realizing I needed a wider, fatter more stable kayak. This kayak has been fantastic for me as both beginning and a burgeoning amateur.

I am 5'11" and 250lbs. Great access to get in and out of. Very stable. I kayak out of Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, B.C. and have encountered some reasonably rough water on the Georgia Strait with no issues regarding capsizing or stability. Slightly slower than my wife's boat but not a real hindrance (makes you paddle harder!) and has wonderful storage capacity. I was a little leery of thermoform when I first purchased it but see no real issues at all yet after 4 years.
Definitely a great boat for larger people!


Bought the Delta 15.5 because…

Submitted by: paddler235244 on 8/2/2013
Bought the Delta 15.5 because of good reviews and have not been that impressed. The waterline is very low when loaded and is slower than most 15ft kayaks. The skirt that I bought with it is the soft type and leaks when the waves splash over. If you are paddling in bigger waves for long the boat gets pretty wet inside.

I do like the easy entry/exit and how you can scratch in on rocks and buff out the grooves. For ocean use I would not buy this boat again, but for all purpose use it would suffice.


I have enjoyed my Delta 15.5…

Submitted by: dollarbill on 7/27/2013
I have enjoyed my Delta 15.5 for 3 years now. I paddle the waters of the Sunshine Coast on the Sechelt Peninsula in British Columbia and although not the fastest boat on the water, it has served me well

Purchased my Fifteen 5 three…

Submitted by: paddler234606 on 7/27/2013
Purchased my Fifteen 5 three weeks ago, an upgrade from my previous kayak, the Delta Fourteen 5. Not hard to tell I love Delta boats. The Fifteen five supports my weight better (240lbs) as well as the full load of camping gear I often have on board. Storage volume is huge on these Delta kayaks.

Noted improvements over my six year old Delta are the mounts for the Sea Dog foot braces, no longer bolted through the hull, but to an inside mount, and an improved seat back on a swivel with improved height and depth adjustments.

Paddles like a dream and has a very stable, substantial feel in a very lightweight boat. These are thermoform plastic boats, which provide a durable, hard working skin without the weight of the roto mold boats.


Up front: this boat deserves…

Submitted by: paddler235166 on 7/26/2013
Up front: this boat deserves a better score but not from me. Picked up from REI on my birthday, nothing but trouble from then on. The factory installed the rudder cables incorrectly and the design doesn't allow adjustment. Delta kept shrugging it off until they were convinced when I shortened the cables myself with Home Depot majic.

Then to the sprayksirt, application charts show the SEALs 1.7 fits... no-no! As it turns out, after pulling teeth from Delta, that to get a skirt that fits it must be purchased from Delta or their dealers. I had to spend an extra $140 for a skirt I shouldn't have needed to buy.
I will say SEALs, who were involved in the skirt issue, were extremely helpful and they are changing their fit charts.

To the good:
The boat handles like a dream, which is why I kept it. Better than expected in quartering winds yet very responsive, carves wonderfully for a touring boat.

My experience shows Delta is not a customer service capable company. If you want a Delta, research the spray skirt issue first!

Happy Trails,

Hi Debra,
I would really rather have a chance to talk to you, emails are too impersonal. I have just gone back through our emails and it seems like between Colin and Michael, we answered your concerns. Your first email came June 10th and Colin Beeskau – who is the other owner of Delta Kayaks - responded a few hours later. Then you emailed him back and he again responded the very next day. You then sent an email June 12th with very positive feedback and thanked us for the support we had given to you. I'm not sure where you feel that we fell short.

As Colin had mentioned to you, we sell many, many 15.5s and have very few issues with them. I also recall our conversation when you ordered your spray skirt and it was pleasant, I wish that had you been so unhappy with us, that you would have conveyed that to me then.

As I said in my earlier email, we are very customer service oriented and always do our very best to make sure that our customer feels they have been cared for. I again apologize for your disappointment in us. I will credit your Visa for the skirt that was sent to you. I see that we did send you some parts to fix your rudder so I'm not sure what other costs you incurred to fix it. Perhaps you can send me copies of your receipts.

Sandra Beeskau
Delta Kayaks Ltd.


Have had our Delta 15.5 and a…

Submitted by: paddler233876 on 1/20/2011
Have had our Delta 15.5 and a 14.5 2 yrs. We have NEVER capsized these boats,even in high winds and big water. Fun to surf in, can take big waves sideways with no problem, holds lots of gear, light to throw on the truck and shoots down a fast river unbelievably! Paddled 1000 kms this summer in Alberta lakes/rivers and off the coast of B.C. Love the fact that if we choose to go bigger the spray skirt stays the same size. Went down the North Saskatchewan with a friend (30 yrs experience)in a canoe and he could hardly keep up. He had the advantage with turns and such but couldn't believe how agile these sea kayaks were on the river. Suitable for anyone, 6'1" 225# husband or 5'1" 150# wife. Now I want a bigger one! Try one you will love it!

I bought this boat as a 50th…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/15/2011
I bought this boat as a 50th birthday present to my self last June. I have had it in the water on average 5 days a week for the past season paddling the lakes of Minnesota. I love this boat! It is stable, even in big waves and strong winds. It tracks well gets a decent speed and handles well in turns. I like the rudder and use it often. I am impressed with the storage space as I like to camp. I would also add that the people at Delta are great at answering questions, whether by phone or e-mail. I would, and have recommended this boat to others.

I first saw these Deltas at…

Submitted by: paddler233878 on 12/3/2010
I first saw these Deltas at the West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium. What drew me to try one out was the radical design of this new line of kayaks. Most new manufacturers make the same boat with the same hull as all the others on the market. Delta has far outdone the competition with their boats.

I'm a big person at 6'1" and 250# and I like to go camping. Delta made the hatch sizes and access holes actually usable. Most others have a small round hatch and unless your putting your items in a tube sock, forget it. I carry stuff like chairs, full size tent, camp stove, and the Delta hatches and volume allows me to carry it all.

As far as performance, while it's not as fast as a sleek sea kayak of similar length, it's incredibly stable with very good secondary stability. I rarely use the rudder, and windcocking is not an issue when loaded. It does have more freeboard than Eddyline or Hurricane, but it also will hold a lot more too.

The finish is far superior than Eddyline boats, and I notice the plastic Delta uses is thicker and stronger than Hurricane. Delta also has twice the volume, bungees, decklines than the other thermoformed manufacturers and also include the self recovery system and rudder as standard.

I would recommend this boat to ANYONE, novice or experienced. I definitely give this boat a 10 out of 10.


Well I have had my Delta…

Submitted by: paddler233523 on 3/30/2010
Well I have had my Delta going on three years now. I have paddled a few others but not put any length of time in them but for my purposes the Delta is the best. Being 5'11" and 210, entrance and exit is very nice and I still have no problem edging to practice paddling skills.

I have had the boat to the Outer Banks in NC, Algonquin Park in Ontario with a few portages and enough gear for 5 days. Lake Ontario is not the ocean but we get some good waves to play. Even when we try to see who can get their cockpit full of water by plowing the waves (paddle fast and let the nose drop in to the second wave), the boat is very stable.

Speed is very good for a wider boat and I have no problem keeping up with narrower fiberglass boats. One trip of 15 kilometers took me 1 hrs and 45 minutes. That is with a steady but not hard stroke, mild breeze and nothing high for waves.

After three years the finish, seat, rudder and peddles are like new even though I try to paddle once a week through the spring, summer and fall with our annual New Year’s Day paddle on the lake a have to even. We try to have a few large trips of 3 or more days with gear as well and I still love this boat.

Got my wife in to a Delta and 4 other friend have purchased Delta's after paddling my boat. Each boat to its purpose and this one works great for me.


I paddle 3 times a week in…

Submitted by: paddler232898 on 9/24/2008
I paddle 3 times a week in the Charles. Hit the sea on the weekends. I recently spent 12 days paddling 12 or more nautical miles daily. I can keep up with most narrower kayaks and handle wind and 3ft.waves. One day, I went halfway to Martha's Vineyard. If I was planning to spend the night there, I would have continued. Couldn't capsize it. Real stable. It lean turns fine with a little effort.

Bought my Delta Kayaks 15.5…

Submitted by: paddler232400 on 12/5/2007
Bought my Delta Kayaks 15.5 about 2 months ago and haven’t had a chance to try in lot of different conditions. I’ve had it in large reservoirs and small lakes and in mild wind and waves other than big power boat waves.

My first impression is as follows; it’s the most stable kayak I’ve ever paddled, it gives the impression that you couldn’t tip it over. It handles waves great, or at least the ones I’ve been in so far. Going over large power boat wakes is a cake walk, straight on or even at almost a parallel angle. I’m a large man at 5’11” and around 250 pounds and it’s one of if not the most comfortable kayak I’ve ever sat in.

As far as speed, it’s hard to tell, I don’t have a GPS so I don’t have much to judge the speed by, it does seem to accelerate pretty quick though. The fit and finish is very good and the rudder system is really nice. I really like the rudder peddles, kind of like a gas paddle in a car. The kayak turns well with just a little lean and it tracks well also. If you stop paddling it only well glide for a short distant before it wants to turn left or right, and with the rudder down it glides straight. All and all I really am happy with my Delta. I’d like to try in the ocean soon and see how it does there, I really have no doubt that it well perform fine.

This is only the second kayak I’ve owned, but I’ve paddled many different kayaks (friends and at kayak demos) and so far this is my favorite.

Delta 15.5 Expedition