Specter 15.0

by  Dagger

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Specter 15.0 Description

The Specter 15.0 is a kayak brought to you by Dagger. Read Specter 15.0 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Specter 15.0 Reviews

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I have great joys riding and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2019

I have great joys riding and paddling this kayak. While it is not the fastest, sleekest kayak I have paddled it provides great tracking, especially with the attached rudder system, and is stable enough to provide hours of paddling fun. I enjoy the roominess of the two bulkheads and have carried camping equipment to and from outlier camping spots. It is fairly lightweight and durable and I can easily load it onto my truck frame by myself.


To start out, I bought this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2015
To start out, I bought this boat when I first got into kayaking, and I also didn't have a lot of money. That being said, it is a great boat for what I paid for. I bought it 5 years old from the original buyer, and have had it for the same amount of time.

The downside of the boat.
- It's heavy. I consider myself a decently strong man, and it's a chore to put in on and off the storage rack I built for it.
- With that weight comes it's barge like speed.
- My bulkheads leaked, but with Lexel, hopefully that issue is resolved.

Now the good!
- It comes loaded with features. The rudder is easy to drop and pull up, and tracks the boat like an arrow. The hatches allow for ample amounts of storage. The deck rigging is great to store anything that may be needed at hand.
- It's very comfortable. The being the seat and thigh braces which are easily adjustable and padded, to the curve of the hull which has excellent primary stability, and decent secondary. (the only time I have flipped was trying to see just how far I could edge her)

This boat is a do it all boat. I have taken it on overnight camping float trips, paddled down rivers, and on plenty of flat water lakes. A great boat that can do a bit of everything.


I only paddled a Specter for…

Submitted by: jaws on 11/25/2008
I only paddled a Specter for 3hrs. on a small lake. I am 5ft.9in. 195lbs. and the cockpit is HUGE. I have never paddled a kayak with such a high deck. This thing pushes a lot of water. In other words it's not fast. I was also surprised that riding as high as it does in the water it is a very wet ride. Even in mild waves. After reaching the launch I could not think of a single reason to own this boat. This is proof that you should always test paddle.

I was able to purchase…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/6/2008
I was able to purchase several used kayaks over the summer and test them out (I later sold them, Craig's List is a blessing). The Specter 15 is the last boat purchased. I look for a utility oriented boat that I can paddle on small creeks/rivers, mid sized lakes or large lakes like Michigan. I use a boat for exercise but also to fish from and just spend time on the water.

POSITIVES: Being 6'3" and 240 lbs (size 13 feet) the specter has more than ample room. Under the fordeck seems like a cave with room. It is not heavy and unmanageable to lift(consider my size). It has a lot of storage space and could easily carry enough gear for an extended weekend.

NEGATIVE: It is a barge, read SLOW! I have paddled wide boats before, some are faster, some give the illusion of speed, this boat is just slow and lumbering. Additionally you will need a rudder. I went paddling on a small lake, very calm, and it tracked very poorly. I did notice that, even with my weight, the boat rides high in the water. I was thinking of putting 30 pound bags both fore and aft to see if it would track better with more weight (mind you with me there would be just over 300 lbs. in the boat). With the rudder it paddles fine as a barge, you will get no where fast.

In another review there is talk about how the hull plows through the water, as opposed to riding up over the waves. Make no mistake this boat pushes the water aside as you move through it. Perhaps with some people this will give them a sense of speed. I paid $700 used for it. Next year new plastic boats are supposed to go up by as much as 30%. As such used boats will increase in value as well. I probably will sell the boat or trade it in. If you want something a little sporty, whatever that means, stay away from this boat.


I first started off kayaking…

Submitted by: paddler232855 on 9/3/2008
I first started off kayaking with a Heritage Redfish SOT. I knew after only a few short weeks that I was hooked on kayaking and wanted to make the move to a SINK. I started to do all the research and finally saw a Dagger Specter on sale for $689 with shipping included.

The Dagger has been an absolute dream to paddle. I need to first say that you do need a rudder. The first time that I put it in, the kayak went in circles. I figured out that most of the problem was me using a paddling stroke that better suited a wide based sit on top. Once I work on my stroke, the Dagger kept a consistent line.

The seating is fantastic and I can go for about three hours before I need to stretch and get the blood going again in my legs. The cockpit is nice and roomy and I have plenty of leg room. I am five foot eleven and 190 pounds. The built in thigh pads give me plenty of control and I feel one with the kayak when I encounter large swells or small waves.

There is plenty of storage room and I plan to make use of it next summer with a few excursions down the Savannah River and Edisto river into the Ace Basin.

As far as speed, fantastic. I noticed that when I stop paddling, the Dagger keep going for quite a while as it cuts through the water. It is almost effortless paddling to get the Dagger up to speed. I took the Dagger out on a lake and found myself keep up with some small sailboats that were cruising around in a slight wind.

I would recommend the Dagger for anyone that is looking at moving up to a nice recreational kayak. The weight is bit much for lugging around, but the built in handles make it easy to carry. I can easily put the Dagger on my trailer but is a bit of a load if you have to make a long trek to the down to the water. That is the only reason that I gave the Dagger a score of 9.


I bought my Dagger Specter as…

Submitted by: bka00 on 7/2/2007
I bought my Dagger Specter as a 2006 holdover on clearance for less than $900 with rudder. For me, it is a great upgrade from my previous Dagger Blackwater 10.5. The Specter is much faster on the water, and it turns very quickly. I like the standard thigh braces, and the seat is incredibly comfortable and very adjustable. My sole complaint with the rotomolded plastic version is that it is a bit heavy at over 60 pounds.

I just bought mine this season as an '06 leftover. I've taken it…

Submitted by: paddler232059 on 6/1/2007
I just bought mine this season as an '06 leftover.
I've taken it out and overall the seat, thigh braces, and boat itself are great and I have no complaints about any of it. I could definitely paddle for a long long time and not get any sore spots on my backside. However, the one very minor thing I thought could use improvement were the rudder pedals. The plastic/plastic is only captured on half its length and the tolerances of cheap(er) plastic manufacturing create some annoying resistance in the pedal movement. You probably wouldn't notice this unless you're locked in so it's not a big issue and it looks easy enough to remove them/modify/replace with additional guides.

Overall, fantastic kayak and handles great. I'm getting a second one for my wife as she had no problems getting in/out and locking-in her 6'2" frame.


I just bought my specter…

Submitted by: paddler231564 on 5/15/2006
I just bought my specter today (15'2'', polyethylene). I demoed the Perception Carolina, Old town Cayuga, WS Tsunami, and the Specter. I loved the Cayuga but the cockpit was extremely tight on the thighs and long trips would have been hell. If the cayuga fits anyone in the market, I would recomend it. The Specter outperformed the other two boats that I demoed and was close to the Cayuga. The cockpit was much more comfortable to me, so it was the best choice. Ive only had it out once on calm water, but I think it has good stability and tracking. It felt pretty agile to the other boats I demoed and it seems to have good speed and efficiency.

Again, the Cayuga outperformed all in every aspect. The Dagger was a close second, but much roomier in the thigh braces for me. That is why I am giving it a 9/10. That and the only color the dealer had was Orange.

I got mine for $900 with rudder. I would recomend the Specter and the Cayuga to anyone in this price range.


This is the first kayak that…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/20/2005
This is the first kayak that I have ever owned, I have had a Grumman Eagle 17' since '95 and most of my adventures have revolved around the canoe experience. I am so glad that I finally ventured into the realm of the sea kayak...it has opened doors for me that could not be touched by my canoe. I live in the middle of a large chain of lakes in Central Florida and I have been able to get out and paddle on waters and in winds that I could not do alone in the 17' eagle. This kayak handles very well, is agile and fast and can handle my weight and more (6'4" 235 lbs). I have done some river runs, circumnavigated Key Biscayne with ease and, as mentioned previously, paddled the Harris Chain near my home in Lake County, Florida. (1-1/2 foot chop with strong north winds-very fun).

As a first kayak I am very happy with its performance in maneuverability, speed, stability and comfort. I will be taking extended trips in the future and have every confidence that I will have the ability to stay out for a few days on end with ease. I read the review of the Dagger Specter 15.5 airlite and I would assume this boat is not far off from the slightly larger and more expensive model, although I do not feel as if I have had any complaints or problems with the rotomolded plastic and neoprene hatch covers...even though its easier to pull a cerveza from a dual density hatch cover. I would recommend this boat for anyone...especially for the price.