Halo 130

12' 11"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Halo 130 Description

The Halo 130, designed for comfort and stability, offers agile yet reassuring handling, ensuring memorable adventures for kayakers. It caters to both experienced paddlers and those looking to enhance their skills. The new day hatch, rudder, and safety features such as storage hatches, safety lines, and bungee cords make the Halo 130 a versatile choice. Crafted with an advanced hull design, this kayak guarantees a fast, stable, and dry ride, making it rough-water-ready and beginner friendly.

Halo 130 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Boreal Design
Halo 130 Reviews

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I bought this boat last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/8/2022

I bought this boat last spring after waiting 2 years for a Compass 14. When I finally got a call from the guys at Billington Sea Kayak in Plymouth Mass (great place to buy a kayak) that they had a few just come in. Was originally planning on the 14 Compass but I also own a 15.5 Perception and when I saw into the Halo next to the compass, I felt it was the smarter choice for me. Zero regrets, gave up a foot of length and nothing else.

I'm a 6'3" , 230 lb guy and I have no problems with space or comfort. I think the seat is quite good for the price, however the backrest tends to slip a bit so I find I do need to adjust it more than I'd like. The hatches are very good, and the bulkheads are excellent. The fit and finish of the boat is a solid 9/10 so for the cost I couldn't complain. They had six of these to choose from and I couldn't find a flaw with any of them.

Its not the fastest boat at 13' or the most agile, but it's dimensions are very good for a casual paddlers boat. Not to narrow but not Pungo or Dirigo wide either. It is easy to edge and super stable when on it. The thermo plastic is quite stiff, and it tracks nicely requiring minor corrections at times. The bow is a very cool shape and cuts nicely, but because it sits a bit tall in the front it will weathercock mildly in the breeze. I found the rudder to be very usable and although some find it difficult to steer with the foot pedals, I don't find it so at all. It's wat easier than my daughters Hurricane 14.

I think one of its best qualities is that it's special. You are unlikely to see another one of these on any given day. Boreal boats aren't mainstream like WS or Perceptions. It's a beauty as well, outside of the Delta 14, it's the nicest looking rec tourer out there.

As someone who has owns a couple dozen kayaks over the years I can confidently recommend the whole SR series as a niche looking boat with mainstream qualities and a good value for sure. Boreal has been making some truly wonderful kayaks for a long time. I've enjoyed every one I've paddles, and found all of them to offer their owners something a little out of the mainstream, and special.


I have been tested the Halo…

Submitted by: paddler1475052 on 6/3/2021

I have been tested the Halo 130 for six 2hr plus paddles. I have found the kayak easy to enter and easy to extract my long legs from preparative to landing, irrespective of waves, onto the shoreline. The seat and back rest are supportive and comfortable. The secure storage of a phone and water bottle just in front of the paddler is excellent. The other storage compartments, front and aft, enable longer independant paddles down rivers and harbours for the day or longer. The ultra light model is quite manageable for one person to carry the kayak up an awkard shoreline and to load the kayak onto the car roof racks. My major disappointment is with the uncomfortable and stiff rudder peddles. After many years paddling on kayaks with flexible and easily controled peddles, it is frustrating to be unable to reliably control the Boreal rudder peddles. The addition of a rest peddle just under the active peddle would never be allowed in a car. Some people say they can move the active peddles with their toes with this Boreal system. The wiring to my Halo 130 peddles is stiff and the shape of the foot peddles uncomfortable hard plastic blocks. In the Halo 130 I need to use the ball of my foot to press say the right peddle and at the same time to lift my other foot upward so I can exert pressure on the left peddle to straighten the kayak after the turn or in windy conditions keep the rudder at a small angle. The flat bottom of the Halo 130 enhances stability but also means side winds push the kayak across the water surface more than a kayak with a deeper bottom shape. If the rudder was as easy to operate as older Boreal kayaks, with a generous flat plate to rest on and push, direction control would not be an issue. With the older Boreal Peddles I would give the kayak a 5 star rating instead of 3.


I paddled this boat briefly…

Submitted by: chad9477 on 10/3/2019

I paddled this boat briefly this past weekend while shopping for a new kayak. I was not unimpressed, as the Halo has its good qualities, but it was not the boat for me.

I am 6'1", 195 lbs. I had difficulty getting into and out of the cockpit as this boat's deck sits comparatively low to the water compared to the ocean and creek boats I have paddled before. Once I had squeezed and twisted my legs into the Halo, life got better. It tracks well and still turns quickly. Its primary stability is good and I felt confident edging it while turning.

I was admittedly paddling a demo model that was not brand new, but I noticed that on both this and a used Compass, the white paint on the plastic was flaking off in large areas. I also had difficulty with the day hatch, which did not want to twist open and closed easily.

The plastic itself is stiff and light, and I think this would be a decent boat for anyone who is not planning to take it near rocks or down rapids. It did not feel sturdy enough for whitewater, and I would worry that the hull would crack on a hard impact. If you want a lightweight, maneuverable touring boat with enough room for a few days' camping on calm or deep water, this is probably a good choice. If you are looking for a crossover boat, look elsewhere.


I love this kayak! I have…

Submitted by: windshadowthree on 6/20/2019

I love this kayak! I have two. They are very easy to oadfke and quite stable in medium rough water. I think you can add a rudder to them, but with the design if the hull bottom, these kayaks track very well without a rudder. Easy to get in and out of. Very light, so easy to lift onto the roof of my truck. Excellent craft and beautiful to look at!


I have two of these…

Submitted by: paddler513658 on 6/5/2019

I have two of these now. Track great, even in fairly tough water. Lots of storage for trips. They look great. Lighter than other kayaks of same length so easier to load on my sailboat. Good small storage compartment by cockpit but it gets in the way of taller paddlers entering and exiting the kayak. Hull is more fragile than other types, do more care is needed. Bulkheads appear to be very well attached.


I bought this 13' Halo…

Submitted by: Carm on 8/13/2018

I bought this 13' Halo mostly for reacreational kayaking however I just came back from kayaking part of the Rideau Canal system (Kingston to Newboro) with my new Halo and was surprised at the cargo space that was available. I am a small frame female and find the weight on empty is perfect and the length and width at cockpit is also perfect. The only reason I did not continue was due to the lack of tracking on windy days. My friend has a 14' BD Compass with rutter (5-8 lbs heavier) and did not struggle nearly half as hard. I have contacted Boreal Design for advice and suggestion 2 days ago..no answer yet. .I am hoping that my Halo has the availability for a rutter system as this would make the Boreal Design Halo the perfect kayak for small frame person like me who wishes to do the odd exursion on bigger lakes/rivers.