Kayak Storage

Kayak Storage Buyers Guide & Kayak Storage Reviews

Kayak Storage Buyers Guide - Find all the latest and greatest Kayak Storage Solutions available. Compare options, prices, read reviews and where to buy!

Kayak Storage Options

Wall Mounts - as the name suggests, these are brackets that provide arms or slings upon which your craft rests distributing its weight evenly between two support arms. Installed in pairs, you have the option of placing them at an appropriate distance above the ground/floor - and at multiple levels when storing several boats or SUPs.

Free-Standing Racks - provide the same support but with the option of positioning the rack, either temporarily or when no side or top mounting is available.

Mini Racks or Stands - Similar to a folding camp chair, these racks can be used to keep a boat up off the ground, making access for repairs or maintenance easier. They can also be positioned in front of and below a wall/free-standing rake for an intermediate placement position when lifting your craft up onto a stationary mount.

Covers - Sealing your kayak cockpit when it’s not in use, or when in transit, protects the interior (and any gear stowed inside) from the elements and even curious critters. It’ll help keep out wind-blow dirt and debris, too. Full length canoe covers or sleeves do likewise and also shield your boat against damaging UV rays.