Blade 80

7' 10"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Blade 80 Description

The Blade 80 is a kayak brought to you by Field & Stream. Read Blade 80 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Blade 80 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Where to Buy the Blade 80

Field & Stream
Blade 80 Reviews

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This is my first Kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

This is my first Kayak purchase. I love my little boat. I bought it in November and go out every week at least once. I've never flipped it, or had anything terrible happen. I take with me a stadium cushion and it's plenty comfortable for hours on the water. Great first boat. I throw it on my shoulder with one hand. Easy to transport and manipulate. I would recommend it.


Is the Blade 80 Kayak…

Submitted by: paddler2621390 on 12/27/2023

Is the Blade 80 Kayak supposed to have adjustable foot braces? The manual describes adjusting them, but my Blake 80 kayak does not have foot braces. It is hard to get power into a stroke without the foot braces. A powerful stroke can be important when it is the least bit windy. I could not find a customer service email for this question on the Field and Stream website.


This has been my first…

Submitted by: paddler2371225 on 9/12/2022

This has been my first Kayak. Purchased in June of 2022, 2 weeks later the back handle ripped clean out of the plastic leaving a large hole, Dicks Sporting goods replaced the Kayak.
2 months later Kayak #2 it is leaking from a hole in the back. The most venerable place.... the rear point and the plastic there is so thin and now is cracked. I did not notice it till I started taking on water.
I liked it because it would fit in my Rav4 and light enough for me a senior citizen could carry.
Getting the warranty run around from the store this time. Not sure I want another one of these. My Kayaking buddy has one she got 3 years ago and it doing fine. Field ans Stream must made a poorer quality batch.


Got it yesterday, had it on…

Submitted by: paddler2282938 on 8/8/2022

Got it yesterday, had it on water three times, all great for a little old man fishing! It's small. Performance and stability is fine on lake, once in river was ok, am sure larger kayaks may do better. I needed small for winter storage, in a closet of my condo. BUT greatest thing of all.. is NO rooftop carrier, this little thing FITS INSIDE my Jeep (all doors and windows closed)... LOL! It's tight, does block view of right side mirror but can see 'over' it for behind blind spot glances.


I purchased two of these…

Submitted by: paddler1617262 on 7/28/2021

I purchased two of these kayaks at $250 each for lake kayaking. They are lightweight and brightly colored. Those are the positives. Unfortunately there are many negatives: 1. When capsized, it does not float, but fills with water rapidly and sinks. This is very dangerous, especially as these are meant for children or small adults. The kayak cannot be righted until in shallow water, and even then with difficulty because it fills with water. 2. Handles for carrying or strapping onto a rack or vehicle are insufficient. One handle is screwed in and the other is a toggle. 3. The seats are not properly secured to the kayak. They pull away from the mounts with little force. I am very disappointed with these kayaks. They may be ok for supervised use in very shallow water.


For a small 8’ sit-in Kayak,…

Submitted by: paddler820746 on 7/13/2020
For a small 8’ sit-in Kayak, this light weight (35 lbs.) tracks fairly well. My first put in was on the Susquehanna River on a crowded day with power boats and jet skis creating wakes that made it difficult to navigate in the water. My second trip was on a reservoir where powerboats are not allowed. This was a totally different experience, and I fully enjoyed exploring the water. I wouldn’t take this out on choppy or fast streams but if you want a nice day on the water I would recommend this under $300.00 kayak for both the ease of hauling it to the water by yourself, and for a inexpensive first kayak for a beginner.

Perfect size, easy to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/11/2020
Perfect size, easy to transport in my haytchback. No need for roof racks or pick up. I added flush fishing rod holders and a dry hatch to mine. Very happy with my purchase.

This is a great beginner boat…

Submitted by: tcsspitts on 5/18/2020
This is a great beginner boat for the money and easy to toss on the roof. Stable, paddles well reasonably comfortable and sturdy rotomolded kayak. I have a Tsunami 125 and a Necky looksha which are both great boats, but for a simple lake or slow stream type craft you will enjoy using it. It was my friends boat and we were paddling around a small lake, it tracked well and did not have a problem with my 5' 10" 220 pound body. If I needed another boat I would consider this for sure.

This is a great flat water…

Submitted by: paddler514469 on 1/24/2020

This is a great flat water kayak and is perfect for newcomers to the sport who just getting their paddles wet and aren't ready to spend top dollar on a kayak. This kayak is once solid piece, and after an entire summer of constant use, it has held up great (a few scratches aside). It is light enough for my tiny girlfriend to carry her's on her own. The carrying handle on the back did break the first time we used it, but that has been the only issue so far. Field and Stream did offer to replace the entire kayak, but it was such a minor issue we didn't even bother. The paddle keepers on the side are great for carrying everything at once, as well as making sure you don't lose your paddle while digging through your gear.


I'm a lightweight beginner…

Submitted by: paddler523417 on 7/2/2019

I'm a lightweight beginner kayak and this is my first kayak. The size is perfect for me - I'm 5'0" and I fit in it just fine with lots of space available, and the shorter length makes it easy to carry and transport. Great features for the price, and it's a great kayak for a casual user like me. I'm very happy with this kayak and I recommend it for any beginner who wants to be adventurous.