Aventura 125

12' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Aventura 125 Description

Get ready for the touring kayak you have been waiting for. The Feelfree Aventura series brings all the latest features of touring kayaks to a user friendly sit inside kayak that is sure to captivate any paddler. The cockpit of the Aventura is nothing short of comfortable and versatile with its adjustable thigh braces, cozy seating, and adjustable high back rest. All three models have a drop down skeg and the ability to add a rudder. The sturdy rotomolded shell of the Aventura is made for rivers, lakes, and the ocean alike. Wether you are a beginner or a seasoned paddler you will find that the Aventura’s hull design is exactly what you are looking for when picking the right kayak for your next Adventure.

Aventura 125 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Feelfree Kayak, USA
Aventura 125 Reviews

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After my first Aventura…

Submitted by: Alby on 5/17/2024
  • After my first Aventura burned with my home, I now have two of the Aventura 125 kayaks one Lime Green for me and a Cobalt Blue Aventura for my wife. I was originally a bit concerned about buying the Cobalt Blue but after seeing it I changed my mind because it's pretty gorgeous! It is a bright blue that stands out well on the water. White paddle blades help with visibility, as well.
  • The Aventura 125 is a great looking kayak. I have a lot of people stop and ask about it. What I like about this boat is as follows:
  • A nice, comfortable seat
  • Good, comfortable pedals
  • Plenty of storage front and rear
  • Well placed and thought our deck bungees
  • Tracks well and has a drop down skeg for breezy conditions; it moves through the water with ease once up to speed. I think it maneuvers pretty well; using the secondary edge makes this boat pretty responsive to turns. I am a relatively inexperienced kayaker, but I am not a newbie. I have paddled numerous lakes and have logged quite a few days paddling eight to 10 miles per day.
  • This boat is awesome to paddle on Lake Tahoe and larger lakes! It handles waves and wind, easily, and with confidence.

We got two of these, one for…

Submitted by: BluePearl on 12/27/2023

We got two of these, one for me and one for my wife, and it really feels like we got a lot out of our money here. The Aventura 125 paddles and tracks very well. The Skeg is great for windy days or with a bit of chop out in the bay, keeping the kayak straight as an arrow. It feels very stable and maneuvers pretty good except when the Skeg is down (which is to be expected). The 2 sealed bulkheads, stern and bow, have top lockable access hatches that are also meant to be watertight allowing for a lot of storage capacity; plus plenty of bungie lines. The cockpit is very comfortable allowing us to stay out 3-4 hours with very little issue. This is due to the adjustable foot pegs, thigh padding, and the adjustable seat which is well padded with molded space for a water bottle (holding my large 40oz water bottle perfectly).

That said, the one major complaint I have is that the Skeg, on both kayaks, does not like to seat when stowing. Typically, it takes 2-5 pulls to get the Skeg to seat at the stow position which can be annoying. This issue is magnified by the fact that there is no additional indication other than feel/sound that the Skeg is deployed or stowed and can lead you to think the Skeg is stowed when it is not.

Overall, this kayak is great for it's price point and I really think you would be hard pressed to find anything to it's equal or better in that range. For that matter, I have noted quite a few instances where the Aventura out-classes pricier kayaks. I would definitely recommend it!


I bought two of these kayaks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/26/2022

I bought two of these kayaks about 2 years ago, and have been very impressed with them. They paddle easily, track well, are very stable, and have a deployable skeg for windy conditions. The watertight bulkheads, static lines, and bungee cords are other features I appreciate. The adjustable foot pedals work well, but are a bit hard for me to reach when seated in the kayak in the water- I recommend adjusting the pedals and seat before you put the boat in the water. My only complaint is that for an old guy with long legs (I’m 69, 6’1”), getting into and out of the cockpit is a bit of a tight squeeze. Once I’m there, I’m fine. I was originally looking for a Pungo after reading a lot of reviews, but they were unavailable during the pandemic when I was looking to buy. I took a chance on this one as an alternative, and I was not disappointed- a very nice kayak for the money. It has several features the Pungo doesn’t, and costs less. I also can’t say enough about the FeelFree customer support- they are outstanding. After several outings on the water, I discovered some water in the rear compartment. It turned out to be a crack in the plastic around the skeg well moulding, where the cable passes through the hull. They helped me find the source of the leak, and ultimately replaced the kayak when it was deemed unrepairable. Boats were in very short supply for them as well, during the pandemic while they were essentially shut down, so they shipped me a new Aventura 140 (14-foot model) at no extra charge out of their next consignment from the factory. It turned out to have a minor leak in the rear compartment as well, but this one was a small void in the plastic around the rudder attachment fitting that was easily repairable with a dab of JB Weld epoxy. It has performed flawlessly ever since. I expect that my experiences were minor quality control issues in the manufacturing process that resulted from reduced staff due to the worldwide shutdown, rather than inherent problems. I am very happy with both the kayaks and the customer support!


I have only had a couple of…

Submitted by: Lml1406 on 6/16/2020
I have only had a couple of kayaks previously, one being the lifetime tamarack the other an old town otter. . I was looking for a kayak that can do well in calm lakes and rivers, but also be versatile in the bay or large lakes on a more choppy day. If you are looking for a versatile kayak for a beginner to grow as a paddler, then this is the one. The 125 and 140 have front and rear bulkheads that have a decent amount of storage space for short overnight trips. The drop down skeg makes all the difference in tracking in windy conditions, even if it's only halfway down. The capability to fit a spray skirt and the cost being two thirds or less of the price of a wilderness systems tsunami were the big reasons I was so drawn to this kayak. Overall it has been fantastic for the 30+ miles that I've had it on the water. This boat really comes alive once you put it on that secondary edge and is super responsive. There is really no reason not to have this boat as a beginner who's looking to grow in paddling.

With three paddles and…

Submitted by: Alby on 7/29/2019

With three paddles and around 16 miles under my belt with the Aventura 125, I am liking it more and more. I am finding it to track very well, now that I understand how to use the drop down skag more than I did in my first review. Once getting this kayak up to speed it moves through the water with very little effort. I have learned that it is responsive to turning by putting it on edge. I have paddled it in white cap conditions and in fairly smooth water conditions. It is indeed a 12'-6" touring kayak that I am coming to like more and more each time I use it. I am finding the seat to be comfortable with the peddles and thigh pads being very sturdy, as well as comfortable. For reference purposes I am a man, 5'7" with a 32" inseam, weigh approximately 175 pounds and wear a size 9 shoe. This boat fits me nicely.


I only have one outing in my…

Submitted by: Alby on 4/18/2019

I only have one outing in my Aventura 125 so far and it was about an 8-10 mile paddle, starting out in calm waters and ending up paddling in a pretty high wind. First off I'll say, I paid $636.00 and this boat is equipped as well as other 12'-14' boats costing 1/2 again to twice as much. It's 12'-6" in length, has two sealed bulk heads with latching hatch covers, a comfortable seat and a drop down skeg along with plenty of deck rigging. It is finished very nicely with smooth sides, a stippled deck with smooth shiny touches and a stippled bottom. It is definitely a nice looking boat. I found it to be paddle nicely in calm water and with a little breeze the skeg offered straight tracking. In the high winds I found the skeg to be a hindrance and had a tough time maintaining the direction intended to go. It was in high wind conditions that this boat performed very well and very safely. It is stable and tracked well. We paddled 3-4 miles with 2' to 2-1/2' foot white caps, in a pretty stiff wind and I felt very safe. I am on the fence with it for tracking in calm water, at this point and need more experience in it to make any statements regarding this aspect of the boat. I would give it 5 stars if I was totally sold on it's tracking aspect.

I found that turning, on calm water, was definitely aided by putting it on edge vs trying to make a turn sitting flat. The hull has two edges that seem to be useful in this respect. I am not an advance paddler by any means. I have another kayak which is the Emotion Guster 10, it is 30" wide and 10' in length, where this boat is 26" wide and 12'6" long. I have paddled my Guster around 100 total miles and it is an awesome beginner kayak, that is fast for what it is and tracks well. I currently only have 8-10 miles on the Aventura 125. I hope to add many more miles this year, as we typically paddle 8-10 miles per day.

I am 5'7" tall and weigh around 170 pounds, I wear a size 9 shoe. The cockpit is sized nicely for me and is shallower than my other kayak. It is easier to paddle without hitting the sides of the boat. The peddles are very sturdy are comfortable and the depth of the hull, for my feet at the peddles, is just right. I am using a Werner Skagit CF, 230cm paddle.

I hope this review helps. I was not able to find any reviews on this boat prior to buying it and was on the fence for about three months, before pulling the trigger. I almost missed the killer price I found due to the lack of information about this boat. One other aspect of my purchase is I have found Feelfree's customer service to be very excellent. I have asked them, on multiple occasions, for more information on the boat than what the instructions give and found them to be extremely helpful in this aspect. Be safe and paddle often!