Chelan 120

by  Aquaglide
11' 3"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Chelan 120 Description

The Chelan 120 is a premium choice for all types of paddling. The unique combination of rugged Duratex™ tube construction with a drop-stitch, hard-bottom floor results in a rigid and responsive open cockpit inflatable kayak. Regardless of skill level, the Chelan 120 is capable of traditional hard-shell kayak performance for years of worry-free effortless paddling.

Chelan 120 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Adjustable air cushion
  • High backrest
  • Plentiful mesh storage pockets
  • Integrated fishing-rod holders
  • Fore and aft seat straps
  • High-performance fin system includes stiff, foiled fin with unique quick-release for easy setup
  • Convenient backpack travel bag included

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Chelan 120 Reviews

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I am 6'4", 240 lbs., 72 and…

Submitted by: paddler1663373 on 8/23/2021

I am 6'4", 240 lbs., 72 and my back could be better. Returning to paddling after 50 years. At 31 lbs., I can carry the Chelan 120. And I can get into it. Paddling and handling are fine but so far I have only taken this boat on reservoirs. The seat is fabulous. It provides the back support and slightly deflated, it provides thigh support as well. Sitting is really comfortable. Inflate the seat fully and bleed the air while sitting on it. The HR valves work well but require HR brand adapters. An electric pump is quite useful once you get the right adapter. Tracking is ok, good for an inflatable. The skeg mounting mechanism needs improvement; it requires both hands, a clear view into the slot plus a third hand to hold the boat stable. Hard to do on a crowded dock. Positioning the seat and heel rest is easy once you've found the spots that works for you. Lots of Velcro means the spots you need will be usable. Enjoyable.


I have used the Chelan 120 HB…

Submitted by: pbenter on 8/21/2020
I have used the Chelan 120 HB for several years, and have been pleased with its overall performance. I had decided to sell my composite 17' sea kayak, and look for something easier to travel with, be lighter, and be easier to enter and exit. I looked at a number of inflatables and was put off by their typical soft low pressure construction. The Chelan uses a semi-high pressure floor (6psi) with more traditional but sturdy side tubes at (3psi). I was amazed the first time I used it as to how well it scooted along. I can easily keep up with equal length rec. hardshell boats. The drop-stitch floor is the same as used for inflatable paddle boards, and you can stand up with no floor deflection, even a with a 220 lb paddler. The boat has some rocker, and I have found I keep it inflated most of the time, and transport it upside down on my car as I would a hardshell, of course suitably secured. The shape handling the wind well on top of the car. One downside is the seat. It has a low pressure inflatable pad, which puts the paddler fairly high in the boat. I don't mind this aspect. I have found I can comfortably use a 215cm high angle paddle with no problem, even with a beam of 36". I attribute this to the high position. But the seat offers questionable support. I fold a towel at the back of the seat to keep my hips from sinking too far rearward and it becoming quite uncomfortable. Mostly it is OK. One disappointment was the reality that I could not use the Greenland style paddle I had crafted and grown fond of with the sea kayak because of the wide beam. This may or may not prompt me to get an all drop-stitch boat with a beam of 24" to be able to try the Greenland paddle again. I like the fairly low weight at 24lbs for the bare boat makes it quite easy to hoist around. Leaving it inflated most of the time, I am never bothered by trapped water in the seams. The boat is quite dry when I return home. Overall, pretty high marks for this boat.

Ive used the dual seat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2020
Ive used the dual seat version if this on sea, canals and rivers and found it to be extremely good. Would recommend it very much and well worth the money.

I began a search for an…

Submitted by: pbenter on 9/18/2018

I began a search for an inflatable two years ago. I wanted a boat that would pack small enough to fit in a reasonable size car top cargo box. for extended travel. It folds to 25x9x21. I discovered the Aquaglide line and was impressed with the drop-stitch construction claims about the hull rigidity bow the Chelan HB 1. It inflates to around 6psi and is as rigid as any inflatable paddle board, easily holding my standing weight..

I am 6',#210, and the boat tracks well with the 7" detachable skeg and scoots along better than I thought it would. I do add about 10 lbs in the bow to help a slight zig zag. I come from about six years of sea kayaking at about an intermediate level with a 17' WS Tempest. I realized I could not get into as shallow water as the Tempest with its retractable skeg. This took some bumping into logs to develop a feel for the skeg. which is actually a bit awkward to install and remove, and probably something best not done after enjoyment of an adult beverage.

At 36" wide, I discovered I could not use my Greenland paddle, which I had grown fond of. Either you need to use a quite long paddle for low angle technique, or go to more high angle stroke. I use a 215cm, high angle paddle, which works fine.

The boat is so rigid I discovered it travels very well upside down on my car rack when inflated. With the rocker design of the hull it rides well aerodynamically. Properly strapped down, I have gone on the highway with it with no issues. I leave it inflated in J-racks in the garage. It does not lose pressure. I check inflation every few months.

The seating system is nice to use and very adjustable to suit the paddler, same with the foot rest. The partially enclosed bow and stern are also nice. It nicely manufactured. No issues with the quality.