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I took my paddle in a...

I took my paddle in a Techno bag on a trip to Baja. Had to check it because of security and it weathered the flight, Loretto carousel and van transport just fine. The light weight was a real plus on this camping trip.

I am very happy with my Technomadic Designs Paddle Bag. This…

I am very happy with my Technomadic Designs Paddle Bag.
This past year I had been moving about and now my gear is in storage. When I was kayaking regularly, the bag proved its usefulness - the color (red) made it easy to find among everyone's gear, the padding protected, the long strap freed up my hands, and the tethered cap kept the paddles in place. The bag has continued to protect my paddles despite all the shuffling. It's nice to hang them up out of harms way when sharing my storage with others - where they can't get misplaced or buried. That red color keeps reminding me that it has been too long since I got them out to play on the water! Here's their website: