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  • 10' Length
  • 27" Width
  • $549.99 MSRP

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Worpping Hull Poor Waranty

I really enjoyed the first few paddles but then the hull started to worp after a half dozen uses. I contacted the company and they only return emails after repeated calls. Very unfriendly.

Too bad.

Worpping Hull Poor Waranty

I really enjoyed the first few paddles but then the hull started to worp after a half dozen uses. I contacted the company and they only return emails after repeated calls. Very unfriendly.

Too bad.

Very nice boat

Got this boat yesterday, mine is orange, and is the model with no sealed hatch, which is why I removed one star: not sure what will happen when I flip over: seems like the boat will fill up and sink! (Advice would be greatly appreciated here)
Otherwise I love the boat so far. Best features are that it is super light (41 lb) so I can easily lift it myself (56 year old female with only medium level of fitness), and at 10 feet long - (the slightly blunt end sure is a nice 'cheat'!) it fits very nicely in the back of my Toyota Highlander. Nice large cockpit and comfortable seat makes for an easy getting in and out - I always use my paddle laid across the boat for leverage and it worked really well.
Nice surprise is that even at this short length, it paddles quite well. I went from an Inflatable Advanced Element of about the same length, to an Innova Twist I of about 8.5 feet length (much slower than the AE), so this is definitely a step up. On Lake Katchawanooka this morning, wind picked up and sky got dark, so I hurried and paddled back - against the wind. I was very surprised at how much speed I could get. (Note that I do have a fantastic paddle: Sting-Ray Hybrid) - A bit of splashing waves crashed on the front deck, but the water was diverted nicely away from the cockpit. The groovy keel helped keep the boat in line - no rudder necessary! I plan to do half-day trips, mostly on calm lakes and rivers, but I feel pretty confident that if the wind picks up, I'll be able to manage. All the videos of this kayak show calm water, I'll try to make one in wavy waters. All in all, a great investment (got a good deal at Freedom K&C near Oshawa).

I have used this kayak...

I have used this kayak around 15 times so far this season. The material it is made with is durable, ran over/got stuck on a cement block and no damage. It easily picks up speed and stays on course while paddling. Comfortable seat and 21" wide cockpit make for a relaxing day on the water. Back hatch has not leaked once. Only design flaw for me is that when sitting I can not reach the gear hammock that is in front inside the cockpit, however there is still a ton of accessible places for gear. Overall great kayak.

The Riot Quest is a very...

The Riot Quest is a very versatile small kayak. I bought one for each of my two teenage daughters and they have had a blast with them. The Quest tracks well, is pretty fast for a short boat and with a skirt, it can play in white water, or at the beach. The hardware is durable. The waterproof compartment stays dry, though it may ship a few drops. The Quest is rollable, which is a great safety feature.

As a first boat for my daughters it has been fantastic. A real confidence booster, with go anywhere ability. Even for Dad at 200 lbs, the Quest is fun, though it's not meant for that weight. I've seen them used in rental operations and it's no wonder why. They simply deliver on water fun for every paddler that gets into one. Try one for yourself!

Well, after many months of...

Well, after many months of researching kayaks I finally decided too make the purchase. Based on price and features I had decided on the Riot Quest 10. Not being able to see one in person. I made the purchase from REI based on photos and description. Upon receiving the kayak. I quickly discovered the seat in the actual product was far from that of the photos and description. It was not the "custom fit seating system" as displayed and described on Riot's web site. There is minimal padding on the seat and back. The seat back is very thin plastic with flimsy adjustment nuts for the seat back height. The plastic of the seat back merely rests in dimples in the seat pan. It is only held in place by the webbing that adjusts the recline of the seat back. REI quickly corrected the the description and photo of the kayak on their website and even offered to refund 20% of the cost of the kayak. Quest however offered to sell me another seat for a $160 plus shipping. And that seat still does not match the description. Not to mention that would make the cost of the kayak on par with a Dagger or Wilderness Systems. Guess the boat will be going back for one of the above.

As a follow up to my...

As a follow up to my previous posting, I have since paddled the Riot Quest a few more times and I can say that I have come to appreciate how easy it is to paddle and turn. Although not as stable as many 10' rec boats, this kayak moves along much better than they do! I think it is a keeper! :>)

After paddling a WS...

After paddling a WS Tsunami 140 for a few years, we decided to pick up a couple of 10' kayaks just for quick paddles locally. I found a couple of Riot Quest 10's in excellent condition on Craigslist. They are really very nice looking little kayaks...nice finish, Greenland style bow...although they do have the useless rear hatch (no bulkhead).

We took them out today and found them to be a bit tippy at first, but after a few minutes I started to feel more comfortable. The Quest does move along very well for a 10' boat, glides nice, turns on a dime, and tracks well in very flatwater. But in any kind of moving water it needs constant correcting...I'm talikng about a gentle river current, nothing with a class number! Also, some of the design elements are front of the seat where the indentation is for a beverage holder, they installed the seat adjustment buckle. Plus the comfort and available adjustments for the seat are mediocre. However, nothing is perfect and it does have it's attributes, so I do plan on using it a few more times before I decide it's "fate"!