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I recently purchased a new WS Pungo 120 from LL Bean to add to our fleet...which consists of 5 more Wilderness System kayaks. On our way home we stopped for gas and immediately noticed that the Pungo was oil canning (denting) in the sun. (Yes, it was a hot day, but I'm in New England, not New Mexico!) After examining the kayak more closely we realized how thin the plastic was, no comparison to our others. So we turned around and returned it! LL Bean was wonderful about the return, just guessing that maybe the company is just trying to lighten their kayaks?!? Personally, I'll manage the extra few pounds in exchange for a tougher, more ridged boat that tracks well!

I recently purchased a Manatee on sale from LL Bean. I already have a WS Tsunami 140, but wanted a smaller, lighter boat to use for local paddles. The Manatee is great for that! I got it on sale for just over $300 and I'm impressed, not only with the way it handles, but also with the little extras that make paddling just that much more relaxing. Extras such as the paddle holder, the foot pegs that adjust very easily while you're paddling, a comfortable seat, and the lower seat back...which is both comfortable and makes entering and exiting the boat so much easier. Besides all of that, she's a breeze to paddle. Very stable, and while she isn't a quick touring boat, she's not a barge either.

My daughter-in-law is new at paddling and after trying 4 or 5 other rec boats, she tried my Manatee. Her first word after paddling it was..."SWEET" she and my son want their own!
I have owned many kayaks through the years and I find the Manatee to be a great little kayak for casual flatwater paddling...and well worth the price.
Happy Paddling!

Years back I had fallen in love with the original Cayuga 146 when it was made of Poly 3, but when I ordered one, it came in made of the flimsy milk jug material they have now... I was less than thrilled. It was not a second (I checked the serial number with Old Town) but the rear coaming of the cockpit would buckle inward whenever you got in or out... obviously a VERY weak spot. I had bought it on vacation and lived too far away to return it to the dealer. And, even though I had only owned it for a month, Old Town (aka:Johnson Outfitters) was less than cooperative and would do nothing to stand behind their product. So I will say that the POLY 3 Cayugas were great... I would love to find one... but I won't give you a nickel for a newer one OR for Old Town's customer service!

As a follow up to my previous posting, I have since paddled the Riot Quest a few more times and I can say that I have come to appreciate how easy it is to paddle and turn. Although not as stable as many 10' rec boats, this kayak moves along much better than they do! I think it is a keeper! :>)