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What gear advice would you give to your fellow paddlers?

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It's one of those special places that's surprisingly close to civilization, but feels like you're in the middle of nowhere.

If you're in the market for a kayak or SUP make sure to check out used boats and...

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by Gearlab


"I have been looking for a deck bag to fit my wants and this one does it flawlessly!"

by NRS
"I really love my NRS Chinook life jacket. I fish from a kayak with a..."


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by: Anne Desjardins
When it's finally time to go on a weekend paddling trip or to experience the pure freedom of a multi-day expedition, you may not believe this, but half the fun is in planning the meals. So let’s get creative!

Have an extra piece of plywood hanging around the house? Build a canoe with it!

by: Cliff Jacobson
Once upon a time, I believed that the best canoeing rivers were in Canada and Alaska. Then, about 15 years ago...

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By: The Flow Wilderness Kayaking Retreat
The Flow Retreat includes comfortable lodge accommodation, gourmet meals with wine, kayaking instruction, professional guides, top of the line equipment and many more reasons to ‘go with The Flow’. $400 off/double occupancy through the end of March.

Dane Jackson, one of the top whitewater kayakers in the world, drops a 130+ ft waterfall in Chile. He is the first ever kayaker to paddle this waterfall and he may be the last as a dam is planned upriver which will make this waterfall just a drip.