Turquoise Origami Paddler Maiden Voyage - 4/23/2022

by  Laurie432

A self-supported trip created by Laurie432

Trip Overview

My Maiden Voyage on my Origami Paddler was at Centennial Lake, Ellicott City. I went out with 2 other ladies that had Origami Paddlers and belong to the MidAtlantic OP facebook group and a local women's kayak group - Kayak Mamas. There was no parking fee, only a $5 launch fee. It was a wonderful first time out and a beautiful day. Love my Paddler! Glad I went with other Origami Paddlers to assist with hinge pins and putting my skegs/fins down. There were lots of Turtles and Birds to observe and the lake was not crowded. It was an absolutely wonderful day on the water getting comfortable with my new paddler.

Safety Notes

Wore my PFD, safety whistle and took my phone in a dry bag. Since water temps were still brisk wore neoprene booties, a swimsuit and non cotton clothing. Wore quickdrying SPF long sleeve rash guard and swim leggings. And wore a Sun Shade Hat to protect my face from the sun.

Gear Notes

Had a dry bag with first aid kit, snacks and a towel. Had a paddle leash and gear leashes to secure my water bottle and dry bag. Also had a tow rope to pull my boat out and in case of emergency.


Warm air temperatures, calm water, water temps in high 50s/low 60s.

Portage Notes

Centennial Lake, Ellicott City Boat Ramp

Trip Details

  • Trip Dates: 4/23/2022
  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Water Type: Flat/Sheltered Water

Trip Location