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I have recently picked up my first Epic 18X sport (as my fitness boat) and first impressions are overall, very favourable . The only point of concern is a minor leak in the day hatch compartment which I initially put down to the hatch cover seal .After testing this does not seem to be the source. Ive now tested the bulkhead seal and again the integrity appears sound after filling the cockpit with four litres of water overnight and slightly inclining the bow. There has been no leakage detected -the mystery deepens. I will now test the cockpit coaming seal to see if this is the source -if anyone has any feedback or suggestions that would be appreciated. Otherwise its back to my Epic agent . Leaking aside the boat is a dream to paddle inspiring a desire to seek max speed from paddler and boat alike - it makes me smile. Acceleration is noticable over a longer time span than my 19.5 Ft expedition boat -its light and it wants to go fast! Smart track rudder is a must, particularly in breezy conditions - with its high volume bow and relatively high stance make can be hard work to track cleanly . Lightly built but beautifully laid up Im really liking the getting to know the 18x Sport .

Im an Australian paddler having just picked up my 18x sport as my fitness boat my other boat being an d Australian designed /built Mirage 580 . The Mirage has a fine pedigree wrt to long ocean passages including Antarctica and Andrew McAuley's ill fated solo trans tasman sea crossing. I concur with every thing noted by Paddler -submission (20/20/04) with particular interest in the construction related issues -right now im trying to ascertain a minor leak in the day hatch compartment which I had initially put down to a bulkhead seal issue -after testing im not so sure -it could be the day hatch cover or coaming seal . I have to run more leak tests .That aside I love the speed of boat and the fact it wants to keep accelerating where as my expedition boat lacks this feeling despite being a 19.5 ft boat. Yes the boat is sensitive and I concur it requires speed for stability however it just makes me want to get on the water and paddle hard to coax maximum speed out of myself and the boat -yep it makes me smile. Just need to sort that leak and yes the boat demands looking after if it is to last