Name: SusanDB

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I was eagerly awaiting these to come back in stock, as I was looking for a pfd that would pair well with the relatively high seat back in my kayak, plus I had read reviews from other petite women who liked it. Unfortunately it doesn't work at all for me. The padding stuck out awkwardly at the sides and under my arms, and even cinched down as tight as it goes there was a big gap at the shoulders. Will continue my search for the perfect, petite-friendly pfd.

I have owned this kayak for five weeks, and have been out every weekend since on local rivers, small lakes and reservoirs in the greater DC area. Overall I am very happy with it. I am 4'11" and did not want to have the hassle of loading and unloading a boat onto the roof of my car. This boat is so light, and so easy to set up, that I don't think twice about throwing it in the car and getting on the water. Yes, it's a bit on the slower side, and doesn't track great (but actually not terribly). But the ease of packing and transport more than makes up for that, and it hasn't detracted at all from my enjoyment. While I had heard some issues with drying time for some of the advanced elements kayaks, I haven't had a problem with that so far. On a summer day I take it out of the water, dry it off as much as I can manually, then semi-deflate and just leave in a sunny spot while I put my other gear away, have a snack, etc. - and within a few minutes it is dry. I am very comfortable in the boat, but I am quite small - the cockpit is very roomy, but I imagine it might be tricky for a taller/bigger person. The boat is also very stable, and feels very durable. Some day I hope to own a sleek and speedy sea kayak, but this boat has gotten me out on the water quickly and hassle free, and for that I am extremely happy with it.