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I’m kinda new at all this, but I purchased a very used Kodiak and went about re-decking it? All the lines on top. My first trip out on it was in Texas, that’s in the USA for you Euro peoples! The river was a mixture of short rapids and smooth water on a multi day excursion. I packed a lot of gear because it’s better to be prepared than be cold at night and wet/hungry. I have to say, within our group mine was the Ferrari of the lot. The rudder was fantastic, it paddled easy for me, I was able to point wherever and it just went..A couple of strokes and I was back to glide mode, needless to say I wasn’t tired at the end of the day from paddling. I’m 5’8” tall and 195 lbs. Stability was fine as I had it weighted down pretty much with everything and the kitchen sink.. even still it was a joy to paddle and smooth riding. Yes, I heeled it over and had some fun, the boat responds well to anything you want it to do. So, for a first time kayaker and first kayak I think this is a great excursion kayak, lots of room, fun to paddle, responsive, and easy on the wallet. My only complaint and this is minor as I’m not sure I’m sitting right, is the seat backrest could be taller? It kept squishing under the back lip. That’s it. Go paddle and have fun!