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7 years ago I purchased the advanced convertible with 2 additional decks in order to paddle either in solo and in tandem. Later , after 3 years I purchased the drop stich to get more stability and better performance . I used it several times for touring kayak on lakes and wide rivers in Italy, where I live, even if with bad weather conditions under rain, with strong wind and waves. I am used to practice kayaking with hard shell kayak and comparing it with inflating advanced element convertible, there is not mutch difference. The cons is to spend a bit of time to dry it but also the hard shell needs cleaning . I reccomend it for beginner and intermediate kayakers but also seniors one can get joy and great adventures with it. ( its capacity to carry out Kg 230.00 must be taken in proper consideration expecially for 2 days Touring Kayaking. Ettore Boles ( Italy )