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I purchased this as a set (10, 14, 18L). Each size has some obvious benefits with the 10L being well suited as an every day dry bag for a variety of activities and the 18L being a strong candidate for bringing along your day paddling gear. Each bag is exceptionally well made from form to function. They separate dry vs. wet components with the interior dry compartment and the exterior quick access section. The 14L is really a good balance between the bag sizes and my choice for keeping a variety of camp gear for easy storage in bow or stern.

I purchased the 18L as a set of 3 from gearlabs. The design and look & feel of this bag is excellent. Functionally speaking this has a unique inner bag design which lets you separate truly "dry" items from potentially wet or quick-access items. The nice feature of the 18L is that it is able to hold my day accessories for a kayak session. I clip my PFD and deckpod to the interior clip of the bag after stowing a 3mm farmer john wetsuit, long sleeve sun protection shirt, gopro/camera accessories, paddle float, bilge pump, hydration pack and a towel. This has become my go-to day trip bag.

I just received a trio of these bags (10L, 14L, 18L). I have had the chance to use the 10L and was immediately impressed by the design. The interior yellow dry bag is attached to the exterior and rolls up to about 80% of the size of the exterior bag leaving a small pocket for items that can remain wet and a secure strap to keep them there. The 10L was a good rainy day use bag and I haven't had a chance to use it on a trip yet. Specifically I was able to transport some items that I did not want getting wet in the rain and then secure my umbrella to the top section and toss it in the car. I was using this bag the same day I received it. The shape is kayak friendly and lays a bit flatter / oval shaped than traditional dry bags. Likely will make storage easier in small spaces. The exterior bag is made from a quality material and feels durable. This can clearly handle abrasions from being stored inside the hull and repeated movement on camping trips. This protects the inner bag well. I'll post additional reviews on the other 2 bags when I get them on the water.