Name: PaddlerThurdy

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I love my kayak. For me the seat comfort is critical - I have back issues. I sat in many kayaks for up to 30 min each. My Tsunami 140 has the best seat I've found. I like doing long trips in a lake - 8 to 26 miles. I find it comfortable for half day to day trips. It tracks well. I did get a rudder, for very windy days or against currents, but rarely use it. However, a couple times while kayaking in a bay it did come in handy. The hatches have sufficient room and stay fairly dry, just a tiny bit of water after waves crashing over it. The spray skirt is good. The only drawback is the weight, as I age it's getting harder to put on top of my car. Yet, it's probably not much different in weight than other 14' polyethylene kayaks.