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Coming from a more traditional, Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145, we had shared the learning curve for a few years, but when I began seeing Vibe ads and testimonials popping up I began wondering if a fishing sit on top paddling platform might be a bit more comfortable for our old bones. First, off, this is a beautifully made kayak rigged to drop right in. We opted i=to install a rudder system, which the kayak is ready to receive including nicely installed internal running tubes to keep the rails clear. We found that adding the rudder on our last boat made for a much more stable paddle and much easier to paddle to windward. We're not adventure kayakers. We want to be comfortable out in nature and with the Vibe's tunneled hull design, wider profile and design we have it in spades. Plus, it's still easy turning in a pinch. The real payback is the very comfortable seats and the large, well placed storage hatches and bungeed recesses for tackle, or what have you. IN the stern, right behind the rear seat position is a great cooler space. We use a flip-top cooler that is easy to reach from that seating position. A big plus also is that fact that the rails are prepped to receive optional track, and the positions can be reached from inside the hatches to use through bolts for security. We also love the plentiful scuppers. Vibe has set out to make kayaks for fun and little worry and they have succeeded at lower prices than we expected.