Name: CDeVries

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I have sailed my 2 man Adventure Island across Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Huron. It is a stable blue water boat and an efficient sailing vessel. It has plenty of (fairly) water tight storage for camping gear and the outriggers with trampolines can also be used for storage. For a plastic boat it has very good performance (almost 10 knots slightly downwind) but it is a bit heavy. I can move it and beach it with the wheel inserts but it is always good to have a second pair of hands.

I have the two man Advance Frame Kayak with the drop-stitch floor. I believe the drop stitch floor is a necessary upgrade because the stiffness of the kayak is exponentially better. I would also get the two-man over the one man, as it is more flexible for just a bit more weight. The two man is bigger but it can be paddled by a single person by moving the seat to the center. The packable feature is the motivation for getting an inflatable kayak (not performance). I can fit the kayak in the back of my truck or an RV without special racks and dedicated roof storage. Overall a good solution to the storage problem.

My new favorite toy. This outrigger canoe has been a joy to paddle. Incredibly fast, incredibly stable and very light (22 lbs). I can average 6-7 mph over two hours. The OC does well in wide rivers and lakes and is immune to wind as it sits so low in the water. It would not be suitable for narrower rivers due to the outrigger. The best thing about it is you can enter a large body of water (like Lake Michigan) and ride bumps and swells and it still perform great in flat water. The only downside is the price.

My father, brother and I used this canoe for forty plus years. It has been a great work-horse and it still competes with more modern designs. The kevlar construction makes it very light and easy to portage. Many modern canoes don't have keels, I like the keel on the Adventure 16 as it aids in tracking on big open water. The canoe has been in the Boundary Waters, Quetico, Isle Royale, Kentuck and has always performed well in big water and river conditions.

I have used many plastic boats canoes etc. The Rapid Fire is a revelation, incredibly light, fast, and possessing ample cargo capacity. Because the boat is so light I use it more often, as compared to a plastic boat, and it is great on a portage. I paddle almost every day and I appreciate the stability and speed of the Rapid Fire.