Name: Mrshufflebottoms

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Aloha! First sit in and first tandem aka Ohana kayak. Over a decade spent on a Wilderness series sit on top with rudder system and kite set up. in open water,river ways, and springs. Very pleasantly surprised how well it tracked solo. Handles well in calm waters Handles well in open water as well just be forewarned you may take on water if a swell hits you broadside so a hand pump is advised to have at the ready. Low profile takes broadside wind well. Great keel design. Stable. Cockpit seats very comfortable. Aft dry compartment Waterproof. Fore area holds a dry bag. Spacious leg room for both. Added a tandem set (4) of NRS float bags fore and aft and a thin fun noodle along the inside skirt lip for added float ability. Recommend a min of 240cm oars. Not overly heavy and able to transfer her from my roof rack to the water solo. Due to its length I do recommend tie downs fore and aft for stability at highway speeds. Only issue so far is I am unable to find a skirt to fit her as it requires a tandem skirt set. ʻike ʻoe i ka wai