Name: Dirk-H

Most Recent Reviews

A very aesthetic solution to put your greenland paddle aside while you don't need it. This is a high quality product as I am used from Gearlab. I am very happy with it.

We now own 3 Gearlab paddles, 2 Akiaks and 1 Kalleq and for each paddle I have a Gearlab paddle bag. This is an excellent and longlasting product. I would say, a necessity for such a nice paddle. It is well made and each paddle half has its own compartiment. I purchased 2 of them almost 5 years ago and they still look like new. Highly recommended !

Just got my Kalleq paddle and I put the red reflective stickers on it. It now looks even better and it feels wonderful. After using their Akiak paddle for almost 5 years, I know they produce solid paddles that I can trust, even on longer expeditions. I never had any issues whit my red Akiak, so I am confident that the same will go for my new Kalleq. I put it on a scale and at 220 cm it weighs 750 gr, with the red stickers applied.