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Name: Miles-De-Feyter

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Very capable creek boat. I borrowed a Dagger Nomad to run Polly Creek CA. and had a blast. There are several waterfall drops within this stretch and the Nomad handled them like a champ. The only negative I found was that it's very tight to access the rear compartment of the kayak. So stowing any kind of gear was a bit difficult.

Simply the best. Tough as they come. Super strong. The only downside is I never have enough.

I've now used mine for two seasons and it shows no signs of wear. Very comfortable, easy to paddle in and of course, it keeps me bone dry. I'd definitely recommend the NRS Flux Dry Top.

A quality build. Seems really durable. On the water it's stable. Would definitely run class III with confidence. The kids jump in and have fun on class I - II. Also found that it makes a great nap spot.