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I recently sold off my 06' Ultimate 12 and immediatly regretted it. I have other kayaks and canoes but I found over my 12 years of ownership that this hybrid design and light weight fill a void between in the fleet. I found a leftover Ultimate 12 FX last year and decided to give it a try. This boat is everything the origonal Ultimate was famous for but with significant improvements. Most noteably, the wider floor and greatly improved seat (comfort and adjustment) make it a more comfortable and versitile boat. The accessory rails are nice but I don't use them much and they have a propriortary slot size. Besides, I want to keep the boat light. The boat fish's great in small & sheltetered waters as did the origonal U12. On the down side Native seems to have forgotten this model when it comes to accessories and outfitting. No factory/ custom storage, no spray skirts and or coolers like there used to be ( and nothing I tried from their other models fit.) If you want add on's , your on your own to design/fit. My only other complaint is that the hull seems to scratch very easily. It's not a problem but it's a shame to scratch up a $1000+ boat at an acelerated rate.

I have mixed feelings about this kayak. What I love is the stability and seating comfort. It's the first ( of maybe or 5-6 to date) kayaks that I feel pretty comfortable standing . It's also well designed/ proportioned for allowing me to get to my gear (behind the seat) while on the water and without antics that can flip a boat.. What I don't like is that the boat is actually more like 10'4" at the waterline. The rest is weighty overhang. Due to it's length, it waddles when paddled. A rudder may help but adds cost, complexity and weight. The boat is fairly heavy. The wheel is useless in anything beyond hard surfaces and just digs in. Also the front handhold is inadaquate and misplaced. When you lift the bow to move the boat, the boat wants to roll on it's side and twists your hold. I added two more handles about a foot back to help with this. The seat is excelent but heavy. It also protrudes into the cup holders making them useless. Storage pockets on the seat are nice though. All that said, it is the most comfortable yak I've had to date to flyfish from.