11' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Lure 11.5 Description

The Lure 11.5 is the Lure 10's bigger brother designed for longer paddling trips on rivers, lakes and oceans with more capacity and additional deck space. A key feature of the Lure 11.5 is a removable sonar & electronic pod. The pod makes it easy to install a fish finder and transducer without having to drill any holes into the kayak.

Lure 11.5 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Feelfree Kayak, USA
Lure 11.5 Reviews

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I have had lots of kayaks in…

Submitted by: paddler2756245 on 12/27/2023

I have had lots of kayaks in my many years of kayaking , but never relly found one I was happy with . I tried out one of my fishing buddy’s kayak . It was a 2014 lure 11.5 . I really liked it . When they came out with the 2016 model with removable pod , I ordered on right away . I have been very happy with my lure 11.5 for going on 7 years now .


I love this kayak! The seat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/20/2021

I love this kayak! The seat is very comfortable and I love how adjustable it is. It is very stable and has ample storage. Love this yak


I've had mine for 5 years and…

Submitted by: paddler865134 on 8/31/2020
I've had mine for 5 years and fish 3 to 4 days a week. I think it's very stable and love that the seat can be raised and lowered. The seat bracket bolts loosen up but can be remedied with Loctite and the frame of the seat cracked both sides of the mounting area of the hull. I tried to plastic weld them but that doesn't help. I was looking into buying a pedal version but not anymore. I do like the kayak even with the problems I have but will not put out the bucks for another one and have the same problems down the road.

great stable kayak for a 265…

Submitted by: paddler798851 on 6/14/2020
great stable kayak for a 265 lb man

Have used 8 times now in…

Submitted by: paddler778981 on 5/20/2020
Have used 8 times now in Florida It is very stable. I’m 70 and I can stand but I’m not really comfortable I love the rod storage I can slide 4 rods (7 ft) in. The kayak has not leaked inside yet. I did add an anchor trolley but used 100% well nuts. The roller works great except in soft soil but it is hard to keep the hull horizontal the front handle is too narrow I added a pvc handle to give me more leverage. It is a great fishing kayak

very stable Kayak.The wheel…

Submitted by: paddler772265 on 5/6/2020
very stable Kayak.The wheel in the kayak makes much easier loading and unloading from your vehicle to the water. Great seat very comfortable and easy to adjust. Lots of storage . Smooth on the water paddles well.I think I am going to get one.

It's ok, I like the wheel in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/7/2019

It's ok, I like the wheel in the back but I don't think it is very stable. I had my seat up at about the 6th. location and I leaned over to grab my fish and the whole kayak flipped over on me. I was lucky my son was with me in his kayak because it was to heavy for me to flip it back over by myself, with seat and the peddles it makes it a very heavy kayak. I think the reason it flipped over was because I had a rod holder mounted in the left side track and i think my leg hit it and it made the kayak flip over so I removed all items in the tracks.


I have mixed feelings about…

Submitted by: weehooker on 7/29/2019

I have mixed feelings about this kayak. What I love is the stability and seating comfort. It's the first ( of maybe or 5-6 to date) kayaks that I feel pretty comfortable standing . It's also well designed/ proportioned for allowing me to get to my gear (behind the seat) while on the water and without antics that can flip a boat.. What I don't like is that the boat is actually more like 10'4" at the waterline. The rest is weighty overhang. Due to it's length, it waddles when paddled. A rudder may help but adds cost, complexity and weight. The boat is fairly heavy. The wheel is useless in anything beyond hard surfaces and just digs in. Also the front handhold is inadaquate and misplaced. When you lift the bow to move the boat, the boat wants to roll on it's side and twists your hold. I added two more handles about a foot back to help with this. The seat is excelent but heavy. It also protrudes into the cup holders making them useless. Storage pockets on the seat are nice though. All that said, it is the most comfortable yak I've had to date to flyfish from.


The Lure 11.5 is the perfect…

Submitted by: Potts1521 on 6/18/2018

The Lure 11.5 is the perfect marriage of being a manageable size with the bouyancy and sturdiness of a larger model. I’ve used this kayak in small ponds to open salt water and it’s handled everything beautifully. The “wheel in the keel” design makes this the perfect sit on top fishing kayak to maneuver by yourself. Despite its wide size, the Lure 11.5 tracks very well in the water and doesn’t seem to get caught up in the wind as drastically as other large fishing kayaks. The side rails allow for easy customization; whether you’re adding rod holders, fish finders or an anchor system, everything is easy to reach and rearrange to your specifications.

One of the greatest features of this kayak is the Elevator seat which is incredibly comfortable allowing you to stay out on the water as long as you’d like. The multiple positions makes it perfect to stay out of the wind on the lower setting or raise it up to do some site fishing. The Lure 11.5 is American made and incredibly sturdy. I’ve had many people comment on the kayak and it’s ease of use especially when rolling it through a parking lot en route to the water. At around the $1200 price point; the Lure 11.5 is well worth the money especially for anyone who tends to fish solo.


My husband and I both have a…

Submitted by: nknikki on 5/30/2018

My husband and I both have a Lure 11.5. We LOVE this kayak. We had other kayaks in the past but when we saw these in a canal in Florida, we fell in love. The wheel in the keel helps out alot to get down to the water. The multiposition seat is the best part. Comfortable and easy to adjust with just a pull of the strap. No need to get off the kayak to adjust the seat. My husband mounted a depth/fish finder on his pod. I just use mine for storage. Plenty of room in the back for your cooler. Just remember the more weight you add, the harder you have to paddle. : )


Super stable fishing kayak.…

Submitted by: paddler420852 on 3/5/2018

Super stable fishing kayak. The lure has the best seat on the market in my opinion. I have taken this rig on more than one 8 hour excursion. It is a heavy yak, making it a little slower in the water. But that is one reason it is so stable. Tracks reasonably well for such a wide boat. I love my Lure 11.5.


Very stable. Best seat ever.…

Submitted by: paddler420598 on 3/5/2018

Very stable. Best seat ever. A little heavy to load in a truck by yourself but the wheel helps a ton.


I bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: paddler417564 on 2/12/2018

I bought this kayak last spring and I have no regrets. Plenty of room very stable. Great fishing platform which is what I primarily bought it for. Also I believe it has the best seat ever. Very comfortable and adjustable.


This is a very good, stable…

Submitted by: brittlab on 8/11/2016
This is a very good, stable SOT fishing kayak. The wheel in the keel feature is awesome for getting the kayak from your vehicle to the water. The 34" width is perfect for standing or sitting on the 10 position seat while maintaining stability. The sonar pod works great for storage or hooking up a fish finder/sonar.The seat is very conformable but you will need to tighten the 6mm hex bolts from time to time to keep things in good working order.The dry storage area is good sized and you can also store up to 4 rods inside the hull. There is an optional rudder to help with tracking but I haven't purchased it yet. The Lure 11.5 doesn't track as well as other fishing kayaks I've owned but for my style of fishing, it's not huge issue. Overall, it's a very solid choice for kayak fishing, I highly recommend it.

THE BEST!!! My first voyage was today, it was simply bliss. Most other…

Submitted by: paddler236841 on 6/6/2016

My first voyage was today, it was simply bliss. Most other kayaks I have used feel too tippy and lack decent tracking, this beast is the best bang for your buck! Fishing is an absolute breeze and the multi position seat is the real gem on this watercraft. ONE WORD, BUY!!!


I have only used the Lure a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/19/2016
I have only used the Lure a couple of time but have found it to be incredibly stable. Tons of room for all my fishing gear. Speed and tracking leave a little to be desired but a fair trade off for the stability. In hind site i might have gone with something a little smaller as i am not very big and the size and 76lbs make the kayak a 2 person job for loading on top of my SUV. The customer service from the Feelfree website have been great.

My first kayaking trip (6hrs)…

Submitted by: Jrod1971 on 4/27/2016
My first kayaking trip (6hrs) was on my son's birthday. We rented a few kayaks to take down the river and it was great. The only problem was the seats were so uncomfortable that my back and rear hurt me for days. After the trip we decided to purchase our own.

I did a lot of research on seating and stability and found that the Gravity seat on the Feel Free Lure was highly rated. The large 36 inch wide kayak had great reviews for being able to stand up in also. So I found a local dealer and went to look at them. After sitting in the seat in the showroom I knew it was comfortable.

I purchased the 11.5 and couldn't wait to put it to the test. It really lived up to the reviews. The seat is great. I can fish down the Etowah River for 6 to 8 hours with no complaints. With the seat raised in its tallest position I can easily cast and be comfortable. The wide stance makes it easy to stand up and fish. It also has a molded metal plate in the platform for stability when standing. The wheel in the keel makes it easy to load and get in the water by myself. The removable pod allows me to keep my fish finder and personal stuff safe.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great and comfortable kayak!


Just bought my Lure 11.5 and…

Submitted by: noelchiefland on 9/12/2015
Just bought my Lure 11.5 and it's an outstanding produce. Well thought out and manufactured kayak. Since I'm a disabled veteran, I have plans on installing a 12 volt trolling motor which will do me fine in the back waters on the gulf coast of Florida. The adjustable seat and wide beam was a deal breaker for me.

I bought 3 of these 1 for me,…

Submitted by: paddler236382 on 9/5/2015
I bought 3 of these 1 for me, my wife and a spare for friends. We love them. They are our first kayaks. They are not as fast as we would like, but they make up for it in stability! They are heavy, however my wife maneuvers hers up to the Trailer herself. I recommend unloading them for longer treks with the wheel in the keel. A cart would make the unloading not necessary.

I'm very pleased with the purchase. I would recommend the Lure 11.5 to anyone looking for a great fishing kayak.


I bought my FeelFree Lure…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/26/2015
I bought my FeelFree Lure 11.5 late last year and got to use it all Spring for bass, crappie and bow fishing for carp. Let me tell you it performed awesome, extremely stable and even though it is a little heavy it moves right along. I am able to do some SUP in it and the adjustable seat allows for a wide variety of heights and is extremely comfortable. Other than the weight my only other complaint is the built in rear wheel for transporting it, while it seems like a great idea it is quite unstable. Oh and the upgrades are endless, that's a plus.

I have owned the Feelfree…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2015
I have owned the Feelfree Lure 11.5 for over 2 years now and taken it on Lake Michigan to 30 acre ponds and slow moving river such as the Fox River to smaller faster moving rivers like the lower Oconto River.

The Lure will excel in still water with no wind or going with the current. Being shorter and 36 inch wide made tracking nerve racking. I couldn't keep the boat straight at faster speeds. Stability is incredible. Wakes from speeding boats didn't even make me feel the least bit off balance. I tried but couldn't tip it completely over. The boat actually came back out of the water so hard it hit my leg and gave me a charlie horse in my thigh. My kids 5 and 8 jumped off using it like a dock with me in it. The seat is very comfortable and it took a while to get used to, but became easy to move up and down. I never felt like one with the kayak because even in its lowest position I still felt as though I was sitting up higher.

It's the perfect bang for your buck bass fishing kayak. As you can stand up, turn around and get to your gear easily. However, it lacks speed. The wheel although seemingly a good idea is worthless once you come across rough terrain and it is heavy. The molded in handles are great for trying it down for travel, but stiffer molded in handles means more plastic, resulting in added weight. I use my other kayaks over this one because it's so heavy.


This is the first kayak I…

Submitted by: paddler236382 on 7/21/2015
This is the first kayak I have owned. I would say it is an excellent purchase. All of the amenities are handy, and well thought out. It is not as fast as I was hoping, however the trade off for stability is worth it. If you are looking for a fishing kayak this one will do a great job at a reasonable price.

All I can say is WOW!…

Submitted by: pevans2015 on 7/7/2015
All I can say is WOW! Feelfree really did their homework on the Lure 11.5. This kayak is very stable. The Lure combines a 36" beam and a great hull design to give the paddler a very stable platform while sitting or standing. I added a trolling motor and the Lure handled the added propulsion very well.

There are several features on the Lure that really simplify the trip. Super easy access to a very secure paddle holder on both sides, copious dry storage in the front hatch, large quick access storage on deck, a lanyard to aid in standing on deck, very easily adjusted foot pedals, a wide stable wheel in the keel for short transports, (buy a kayak cart if you have a loaded kayak and a good walk from truck to launch), great grab handles, padded rubber deck which has good traction even when wet, 2 rod holders, and a great aft storage deck complete with bungees.

The most wonderful amenity on this kayak is the seat. The seat features 10 positions, low center of gravity for paddling or motoring, high rise for fishing or site-seeing. Ease of use is spectacular. The seat can be removed from the kayak in 30 seconds and be used as a very comfortable camp chair. The seat is covered in a thick mesh which helps the paddler stay drier and very comfortable.

This is my first angling kayak. I am used to the stability, comfort and space of a canoe. The Lure provides all these features in a lighter vessel.
I am very satisfied with my choice.


I recently purchased this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2014
I recently purchased this kayak and have had the chance to spend some time in multiple water types now. First off, it is incredibly stable, with a wide standing platform and a very comfortable ( and adjustable) seat. Great tracking in creeks and rivers, and very maneuverable. Good in lakes and faster than I expected given the width. All in all, a great kayak, especially for fishing. Lots of smart features, like the stand assist strap, and a super dry storage hatch. Great yak.