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Well my experience with the first one wasn't great. When stored as directed, upside down on the cowl, it crushed itself into the boat. The keel wasn't straight so paddling the boat was a chore with constant correction, it just wouldn't track straight. I have 4 Pungo 120's and they are great boats. My first contact with Wilderness Systems got a a bland indifferent reception they didn't seem to care that storing the boat as directed by the manual seemed to be damaging the boat and as far as the keel oh well....disappointed was an understatement. After about a year I contacted Wilderness Systems again for suggestions on storage that wouldn't damage the boat (a little hot sun and some bracing and encouragement straightened the previous damage) and found a much more receptive person that was concerned about the keel more than anything. After a few emails and pictures they replaced the boat...way to improve customer service! The new boat is GREAT tracks and handles as it should. very comfortable and a pleasure to paddle