Name: paddler513650

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Love the light weight! This was more than I planned to spend on a paddle, but the super ridged blades and light weight make it worth every penny by the end of the day.

I was looking for a sit in kayak for trips that included longer distances on lakes than we typically go with our sit on fishing yaks. I want to go farther without wearing myself out, but still wanted more stability than a longer, narrower touring kayak. The Tsunami really fit the bill for what I was looking for. There are tons of adjustments in the cockpit- Foot braces (of course), thigh braces, and the seat all adjust for a comfy and secure fit. It does have a smaller cockpit than many recreational kayaks. This kayak really tracks well, but also is easy to maneuver. I did not get the rudder yet ,although it is rudder ready, so it does want to turn bow into the waves. Overall, it has preformed fantastic in all conditions we have put it in and best of all, I'm not falling behind the group as we paddle along!