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The Yellowfin 130T is a great kayak for anyone. Being a tandem kayak, its balance and stability is unmatched. The ability to ride solo is also great and the changing of seat positions is unnoticeable when thinking of the stability. I do have one con in it's design. While riding solo it is almost impossible to reach the two flush mount rod holders in the back. But they left the sides of the hulls open to fit 16" track mounts in each slot; that means 64" of track mounts could be avalible to use and to a tournament angler......that means the world. The weight of the 130T is a little daunting it first and its sheer size can make loading a chore. But with the help of YouTube and experience loading becomes easier and easier. (I load mine on a mini-van). lol I give this kayak a five star rating due to being versatile, its stability and its ride height. Yes, its ride height surprised me. While fishing the 130T solo on inshore flats i was afraid for low tide. My friend fishing out of a Nucanoe Flint was ahead of me and got stuck on a hidden sand barge. This was the perfect time to try it out. The 130T glided along the water an right past the Nucanoe. I never felt or heard the kayak touch the sand. I recommend the kayak to anyone!