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Name: OldSchool

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I have owned this reasonably priced boat for 18 months. Plus: It is maneuverable, accelerates quickly, edges well, and weighs exactly 47 pounds (yes, I weighed it on a digital scale). Fit and finish are very good. Deck lines are plentiful and well thought out. Skeg adjustment is easy and accessible. Hatch compartments are large enough for a week if packed intelligently. The day hatch is located within easy reach of the paddler. Lots of leg and foot room, solid foot pegs. Seat is very roomy. Cockpit is large and accepts a Seals 1.7 sprayskirt. Minus: May be an easy boat to outgrow for single boat aggressive paddlers. The wide beam (23.5") is not as stable as advanced narrower ocean designs in rough crosswinds, currents, and large waves. Definitely needs skeg in moderate crosswinds. The fore and aft decks are high for my taste. Rolls ok, but nothing special. Not enjoyable for skulling. The hatches aren't robust, feel loose and always must be checked. There is no pleasant snapping sound when closing. Summary: For the money it is an enjoyable boat for beginning/intermediate paddlers, or excellent as an additional boat for advanced paddlers to be used for some light touring and/or where one would not wish to take risks with an expensive/fragile carbon/composite boat. Some bling factor and comfortable. I am 6', 168 pounds, 33" waist. The seat is too roomy for me.. I needed a lot of hip padding. Recommend buying the back band in place of the back rest. Best for inland waters in mild/moderate rough water and crosswinds. I bought it as an additional boat to my carbon Zegul Greenland T and glad that I did.