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Name: Kurt45380

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We now own 2 of these Future Beach Explorer sit on top kayaks and I anticipate purchasing more when my kids are big and experienced enough to pilot their own. These kayaks pack great value for the money. They are relatively easy to handle, steer, and row and are perfect for slow moving river floats. The are comfortable (though I would recommend an upgraded seat or seat pad for 2+ hour floats) and have plenty of room for either a single adult and lots of gear or an adult and small child. I am 6' 2" and 225 lbs and have plenty of room to stretch out and move around as the trip floats along. These boats are very stable and the fact they they are self draining is also nice. As a low priced kayak, they seem to be well made and durable and parts are cheap and easy to find if needed. I find these sit on tops to be more comfortable and flexible than my friend's sit inside kayaks and recommend them to anyone.

Obviously a bit more difficult to handle to and from the water because of its length and weight, but once on the water this kayak is awesome. It is a great way for one adult to take two kids out paddling with plenty of room for all 3. My 7 and 9 year old love it and even with a combined total of 360 lbs of passengers, I have no trouble paddling and steering while my kids ride along and enjoy the scenery. It requires no more water to float than any similar 10' Sun Dolphin and handles incredibly well for its size. It is also incredibly stable even with two squirmy kids on board. I have also taken this kayak out solo and again it is nearly as nimble and easy to pilot as a 10' kayak. The 3 interior storage wells are very handy and while not water tight, the interior pouches keep contents from sliding around inside the kayak. This is a great kayak for anyone looking to take small kids out onto the water and would also be good for two adults wanting to share a single kayak with plenty of room for gear or a small child to tag along. I highly recommend it as a budget friendly multi-passenger kayak.