Name: KayakSailor

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A wonderful addition to the kayak. Very lightweight. Easy to instantly raise and lower for paddling or sailing. Stows flat along deck. It took a week or two to learn then it just becomes second nature. I have easily 1000 hours with it. I have only flipped once (and that was off Weekee Wachee Florida high winds and very strange waves in very shallow water that simply threw the boat- so that doesn't count.) I have a Pungo 140 a longer medium width kayak, very stable. The linear helps it track with the sail. Love it! Especially in the gulf on 10mph wind days. Other than kayak and camera the best thing I've ever done.

Great Sailing Kayak! - Overall it's a very stable, straight tracking, reasonably fast kayak. I'm older, in reasonable shape, 165 pounds and can paddle around 10 to 15 miles in an afternoon. I love it. Also I recently mounted a Falcon 1.4 meter sale on it and it sails beautifully. The length and stability make it perfect. With the sail and the right wind I make great time, loads of fun. Have never flipped it, even with the sail. Great for photography with it's stability in the water. One bonus is with my weight I figured out I can scoot to the rear of the kayak and easily slide on and off the stern. So I can throw anchor anywhere it will reach bottom and go swim about. How cool is that? The only flaw if it is one is a rudder won't work on it. When sailing it could use the rudder. Normal paddling it doesn't need it at all. But the straight tracking I think is mostly because of it's unique stern. So I'm kind of asking for two conflicting things at once with the rudder.