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Modern kaizen approach to timeless, ancient design. My childhood was spent on the lakes of Minnesota and Wisconsin, before moving to the Blue Ridge Mountains and then to a tidal river in DE. Later, I spent time in brackish and salt water. I've attempted my own open hull kayak when the Kevlar I used was still expiremental (my build was a flop. lolol. I was only 15). The point is that I'm no expert, but my opinion is informed. This design will carry your food and gear into tight places, can take moderate pounding of rocks and trees, and when expertly operated can handle moderately rough open waters in high winds. And when it is tipped, it can be flipped right back over with ease. The perfect do-it-all design. I had the opportunity to use the product and I lept at it. For the advanced recreational paddler who will experience a wide range of water, or for the beginner who doesn't yet quite know what to expect, this is an excellent way to invest your money. No single design can do everything, but this one can do a great deal.