Name: WASUPGirl

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This was the very first SUP I purchased, back in summer of 2015, after reading a review about it in Outdoor magazine. It comes in a couple different colors; mine is the high-gloss red. It is an absolutely beautiful board! This SUP is excellent for all-around use and paddle surfing due to it's grippy deck, three fins, sporty design, and agile handling. However, I would probably not recommend this board to someone who will be predominately touring long distances on flat water, or if you have a larger size dog that will be traveling with you. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sporty feeling and precise handling board for wavy or choppy conditions. I think it's worth mentioning that this board does not have a smooth top; the rubber part of the deck is very heavily textured and can kind of wear on bare feet, or knees, after a while. In my opinion, a good pair of water shoes is a must with this board. The deck texture is the only reason I did not give this board a 5 star rating.

I purchased this SUP 6/2015. It was my first experience with an inflatable paddleboard. I decided on this particular SUP due to a couple of great online reviews stating it was durable, stable, and lightweight. I have found it to be all of those things, as well as very easy to turn and maneuver and comfortable to stand on. Since I bought it, it has been used at least 30 times by myself, my daughter, and friends. It has held up great despite being run into docks and concrete walls, hung up on sticks and logs, scraped, dropped, and just generally abused. The construction is durable, there are quite a few rings/gear loops on the deck that come in very handy for attaching coolers, dry bags, and anything else you might want to take out on the water with you. Of course, it is not as stable as a hard board or my higher-end inflatable SUP (Red Paddle Co. Sport 11'3'), but at only about $600 it is an affordable "entry level" board and I'm still extremely pleased with it. I would highly recommend this board for folks who are smaller framed or do not weigh more than 130 - 140 pounds.

I purchased my Red Paddle Co. 11'3" Sport MSL in May 2018; it is my fourth SUP, third inflatable. This was a major purchase for me so I did a ton of research before buying. This SUP had the most consistent and descriptive positive reviews so I went for it. I've used the SUP a dozen or so times so far and it has lived up to all the excellent reviews; it's stable, lightweight, the pump is amazing, and it tracks and glides beautifully. Of all the boards I own, this is the only one I feel comfortable taking my 50 pound Collie dog on; she can move around a bit and the board stays pretty still. This SUP is great on flat water and in wavy/choppy water as well; you can ride pretty good size swells without wobbling. The pump has a really cool feature that allows you to remove a plug when you get to 6 PSI which then makes pumping much easier from 7 PSI on. Admittedly, I usually use my electric SUP pump so that's another option with this SUP. The quality of construction of the board, pump, and roller backpack is the best I've seen; every aspect of this SUP and it's accessories has surpassed my expectations. I HIGHLY recommend this SUP and am already saving up for a Red Paddle Co. race or touring SUP to add to my "fleet".