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I'm an avid kayak fisherman (mostly freshwater but some inshore/bays). I recently got the SUP126 used, direct from SeaEagle and am very impressed. I have it rigged with the swivel seat and a Newport Vessels 36lb trolling motor, NV battery box and a 75ah SLA battery. On the water it's super stable and I can stand and fish easily. It's room and has great capacity, so much so I carry my 8 year old daughter in the front (she fishes too) and we have so much more space than in a tandem kayak. With the trolling motor we hit 3.5 mph max. The only downside I've found is the inflation time; with the supplied handpump it takes a good 15 minutes to hit 14.5 PSI. I have a BP12 electric pump and that does the job in about 6 minutes, however, it's loud.. which makes it somewhat awkward to inflate if you're heading out at 6AM in the morning. I'm going to try inflating and strapping it to my van roof racks the night before when I go out in the early mornings though.

I've had the access 11.5 and use it as my medium and big-water fishing 'yak. I have 2 other boats (Emotion Guster and a Sea Eagle 370) that I use for exploring and taking the wife and kids out respectively. The Access is what I use when I want to focus on fishing. I picked mine up on amazon for $350 off season, but also have seen it on sale for a short time at Dick's for the same amount. For this price it's definitely 4 stars - if i had to pay full price ($500) it'd drop to a 3.

Pros: Fast for a SOT. Tracks very straight. Very stable, handles inshore (bays) and big lakes very well. easy enough to mod if you watch some videos on how to use a rivet gun, also I've add many eye pads, a swivel rod holders and also a 8" front deck hatch. The last requires being ok with a skillsaw. Exceptional value for an 'entry level' fishing kayak.. on sale it is in the same price range with many cheaper brands/models you find at Walmart etc. Has decent storage space but it's not like a frame-seat SOT where you have tons of room.. you need to take the time to think about how you want all your gear laid out (for fishing - regular recreational kayaking you shouldn't have this problem).

Cons. The rod holders are crap... not quite deep enough and too wide. I lost a rod before I got wise to wrapping them with pool noodles for flotation. Stock seat is very uncomfortable - if you're moderately serious about kayaking (moreso about yak fishing) you'll need to upgrade to a harmony style high back seat, which isn't hard to do and is fairly cheap @$30. You also can't really stand up and fish in it as the deck flexes. The last con is it isn't really nimble and can't turn like a smaller yak, but this is completely ok considering how fast and straight it tracks,