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Name: paddler392997

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My wife and I were using 13 ft flat bottomed kayaks for a number of years,figured it was time for an upgrade. After trying out 4 boats we settled on the 14 ft pungo and have never regretted our choice.We are on our 4th season in which we generally paddle 600-650 kms per.(we gps everything) We normally paddle small to med. lakes,streams and sm to med rivers. The v-hull pungo is fast,tracks very well, handles great, stable if you get caught in windy conditions. Seat and foot pegs are easy to adjust while in the boat. We do some camping so we like the two dry compartments. The covers are easy to open while on the the water if the need arises. Don't let the large cockpit measurements turn you off.There is a large storage area behind the seat which is great, add the console (which is nice to have)and you have a nice easy access but snug cockpit.The sides of the boat curl in at the top so the legs braces work great. On the negative side, we found the lower back support lacking a bit. We came up with easy fixes so no biggie. And we are both in our 60's so maybe the problem is ours. A bit more deck strapping would be nice but was an easy fix also.. Our biggest complaint we how easy they scratch. Altho we try to be careful we have some mighty gouges but we do put in at some rough spots ,run into low water at times and are continually going over beaver dams so maybe that problem is ours also . Over all a great rec kayak that is very close to a touring boat.Too bad the 14 ft are no longer available.