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A “must have” for serious paddlers--the potential of hauling multiple boats with additional gear!

We can’t stop talking about how much we love our trailer! We have used it for weekend camping trips, as well as day trips to the lake and it has made our lives so much easier! It is super convenient to just back the trailer into the garage, throw all our gear into the trailer, load the kayaks the day before (including our bikes with the bike rack hitch option!), and then leave right after work or early in the morning to get out on the water! It has taken the hassle out of our kayaking adventures!

No one understood why we were driving all the way to Minnesota to buy the trailer, until we brought it back! They can clearly see the solid craftsmanship of the trailer and all the smart features that it includes. The trailer also handles great at highway speeds, especially 80 mph on our Montana highways. It also handles really well on dirt and gravel roads and doesn’t bounce around much.

This trailer is American made by a customer oriented company! We love how each trailer has the option to be custom built. They were very open to ideas and not pushy, but very honest with what their experience has shown with what works and what doesn’t. We were thinking about getting the heavier axle with the bigger wheels since we travel on many back rounds with deep ruts, in hopes of gaining more clearance. Tristan advised us that the heavier axle would cause it to bounce if we weren’t hauling a significant amount of weight (which we wouldn’t be) so we decided against it. The 13” tires give us plenty of clearance too. They have been in this business long enough to know what works and what doesn’t and we trusted their input.

All in all, this trailer has turned out to be a worthy investment and I am confident it will serve our family well for many years to come! Thank you Remackel Trailers!