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I bought the 12' Core model which has a full deck pad coverage and makes for a quiet surface for fishing especially when dropping a lure down near the bow. The tracking is solid and even gets better after adding the side bite fins. The speed is decent for a 32" wide board and handles chop and small swells easily with only minor hull slap. It also provides a little better stability than some of the other Touring/Fishing boards I have used. Pros: Lots of user versatility and options. Holds value over time. Cons: Pricey

I bought one of the Performer 11 SUP's lightly used and gave it the float test. The board is definitely responsive and tracked well when standing in the "sweet spot" (center). I was able to paddle into a head wind without much drag and it stayed straight when drift fishing down along a mangrove bank. The multi purpose carry handle is great and has 2 D-rings for attaching other items to the deck. The board performed best when used at the maximum inflation rating (15 PSI).

Pros: Very light Inflates quickly with a double action pump Wide deck area Maneuvers easily 6 tie downs in front and 2 in the center paddles great in the shallows with the 3 smaller fins

Cons: Fins may warp (see tip below) but do not seem to affect performance much Only one D-ring in the back/tail section

Tip: To straighten fins after unpacking, I recommend warming in the sun or use a hair dryer on low setting, then bend/massage to the proper shape. Use a cool rag or freeze pack to help stiffen fast and hold shape.

I bought this same boat at Sports Authority except it was called Evoke Coast 120. It water tested fantastic, and tracked great. I was able to stand up and paddle along with fish from a standing position. This kayak hull is versatile and real close to the current Wilderness Tarpon 120 (check the specs). The kayak weight is listed at 63lbs which is about the same weight as a Perception Sport Pescador 12 or a Heritage Angler 12. It also comes equipped with accessory tracks for those who like to adjust them frequently. The seat is also extra thick and comfortable on the lower back.

I picked up this Kayak through Academy on clearance, and have tested it twice in both calm and breezy conditions. Tracking is steady when paddling, but can tail a little if the wind is blowing above 10 knots.

The ride is very stable and secure with enough cockpit space to stand up if needed. I use scupper plugs on all my yaks unless taking them into the surf, so water leakage was not a problem. You can transport this craft pretty easy with it only weighing around 57lbs which is on the low end for a 12' yak. I recommend this kayak for fishing or a stable boat for family use.

I have owned both the Pompano and Pescador kayaks over the last 5 years and highly recommend this design. The tracking is better than most kayaks I have used and would not require a rudder unless you need it to help turn sharper in tight spots. In my experience the seat design is a personal choice depending on your height and weight, but recommend that you sit upright and do not slouch and also use the foot pegs when padding to support your lower back.

The Pompano comes with a anchor trolley and two flush mount rod holders which are used frequently when fishing. I also like the bow rigging lines which can be used to park your paddle by slipping underneath.

The slightly up-swept bow and medium width make this is a great versatile kayak for both fishing, touring, and paddling through chop/surf.