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Pompano 120

Pompano 120 Description

The Pompano 120 is a kayak brought to you by West Marine. Read Pompano 120 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Pompano 120 Reviews


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Pompano 120 Reviews

Read reviews for the Pompano 120 by West Marine as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I've fished out of this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2018

I've fished out of this kayak a few times. I won't again. Most unstable kayak I've ever paddled. Maybe it's defective, but it won't sit level in the water. Way too hard to keep it stable. It also leaks worse than any kayak I've ever used. I wouldn't recommend this kayak to anyone. No dry storage, everything leaks. Theres really not much to like about it. I'm just glad I borrowed it, and never bought one. The Malibu I own is far superior.


Great yak for the price

Submitted by: paddler385695 on 9/6/2017

Im a 260 lb man and this yak holds me and my gear just fine. Its tracks well and paddles pretty fast for me. I have no problems with the stability of this yak. I fish lakes mainly and have 4' feet wakes hit me with no problems at all it does good in the windy foothill lakes of California. No complaints here for the price it fishes well for me. Ive got fish finder and scotty rod holders for trolling on it also. I extended the built in rod hoders with longer pvc for trolling.


I live in a tropical island,…

Submitted by: paddler237056 on 8/19/2016

I live in a tropical island, so like a year and a half ago i started using kayaks. initially i had cheap kayaks, 8-10 feet , just recreational use. but then i started to fish on kayaks so i was really in need to make an upgrade. Not willing to pay more than $1000 in a fishing kayak, immediately i put my eyes into the pompano 120.

When i finally got it, i was really excited. It looks really cool, great color, great model. When i first used it, i was satisfied, for me it have a lot of space for fishing gear, it was fast...just what i was looking for. But i gave it a 6 punctuation for one of the most important things for me when in a kayak..NO GOOD STABILITY. little waves really move the heel oput of you into the kayak...and you will not be able to move like you will want to once you are in your spot fishing cuz you will probably get flip out. It is a nice a kayak, good space, good tracking, great speed...but not stable...and for me stability is gold when in a kayak.


The West Marine Pompano 120…

Submitted by: Cfalconer on 9/8/2015
The West Marine Pompano 120 is basically the Perception Pescador 12 or the same hull as the pre-2008 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120. At 60 pounds it still easy enough to move but has the beam and length for good stability and straight tracking. Seating options depends on the model you purchase. The basic seat that came with mine doesn't have thick padding but is still comfortable and supportive. Leg room is plentiful with the adjustable foot rests. At 215 lbs, there is minimal water at the lowest skipper holes but it did plug the highest four in the seating space. The is lots of storage space with a dry hatch up from and a large storage area in back. Two rod holders and a cup holder are also standard. I've taken this out on a small lake and it is fast, straight and stable even for a novice. I plan to take it down a nearby river next with no concerns. Great kayak for the money.

I have owned both the Pompano…

Submitted by: paddler236171 on 4/6/2015
I have owned both the Pompano and Pescador kayaks over the last 5 years and highly recommend this design. The tracking is better than most kayaks I have used and would not require a rudder unless you need it to help turn sharper in tight spots. In my experience the seat design is a personal choice depending on your height and weight, but recommend that you sit upright and do not slouch and also use the foot pegs when padding to support your lower back.

The Pompano comes with a anchor trolley and two flush mount rod holders which are used frequently when fishing. I also like the bow rigging lines which can be used to park your paddle by slipping underneath.

The slightly up-swept bow and medium width make this is a great versatile kayak for both fishing, touring, and paddling through chop/surf.


Rented this kayak in Panama…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2013
Rented this kayak in Panama City Beach Florida. First time ever in a kayak, I went out into the surf on a Red Flag. It was awesome! I just kept the bow pointed into the waves and before I knew it I was BTB! The next day the water was calm so I was able to put my two kids on the boat with me and we paddled around the surf. I also took this boat into the West Bay and it was very easy for me to maneuver around Shell Island. I didn't even use a seat when I rented this kayak. If I buy one of these, I will definitely get a seat, although I was able to have a lot of fun on my vacation without one.

I would recommend this type of kayak to anyone. The rod holders were great for fishing and the rental guy said I could pick one up for less than $500 at West Marine.


Just follow up on my previous…

Submitted by: paddler234756 on 9/7/2012
Just follow up on my previous review, this is still a great yak. But ongoing use has revealed a major problem, and that is the seating. This yak is basically the same as a Pescador or 2008 Tarpon (without a seat), and, as such, really requires a Wilderness seat. I put a pretty nice COD Apex 1 in it, and after a couple of hours my back in the pelvis area is hammered.

This boat really calls for a Wilderness seat, which is not readily available except on the Pescador or the Tarpon. Only one place sells the seat back assembly, which is the key part. You can put anything in the seat -- garden kneeling pad, Skwoosh seat pad, piece of sleeping bed pad from Wally World, etc. In retrospect, now that I wasted money on a COD seat I won't use and had to replace with the correct seat, which WM doesn't sell, I should have just gotten the Pescador to start with and put in my own rod holders. The anchor trolley thing ... meh.


Very nice yak. Listed at 500,…

Submitted by: paddler234741 on 8/29/2012
Very nice yak. Listed at 500, I got it for 450 with the then-in-effect 10-percent-off coupon code. WM can't keep these things in stock, they sell so fast. This is the same mold as the Perception Sports Pescador and the 2008 Wilderness Tarpon 120, but with the rod holders and anchor trolley thing.

Quality and thickness of plastic seem great. I'm diggin' it. But, that said, I looked at the Ascend models at Bass Pro Shop today, and they look like they're worth considering, as they come with a pretty nice seat and the reviews are pretty good.