Name: kirby

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A lot of boat for the money. I picked mine up on sale for $300 and am satisfied at that price. I probably wouldn't have been happy with it if I'd payed more.

The pro's: lightweight, tracking is excellent for the length, speed is fair, anchor and trolley included, two rod holders, easily adjustable footrests and backrest.

The con's: almost no storage area, the cockpit feels pretty cramped if you have more than two rods with you, difficult to reach the rear tankwell once on the water, the seat bottom is like sitting on a concrete bench after a couple of hours (gotta get a cushion!), and the boat is kind of '"tippy" when getting in or out of it.

If you like to have something that is easily transported/stored, you like day trips, and pack a minimal amount of gear this is definitely one to check out. I think this would make an excellent first kayak for someone who is not sure if they would like kayaking or kayak fishing. If you consider yourself a serious kayak fisherman, like to haul a lot of gear, or want to go on a multi-day camping/kayak trip you probably need to keep looking.

Great little kayak for the money. If you can pick one up used, even better. Very stable, but it woefully slow and tracks poorly at best. Sidehandles? Ever heard of those BP? If it had some useful dry storage I would've bumped it up at least another notch. And you pretty much have to replace the seat and add pad eyes to hold it securely. Those are the negatives.

The positive, well the price for one. Fairly lightweight for something so stable though unwieldy trying to put on my truck rack alone but it's doable. Small enough to easily store just about anywhere. Basically, if you realize this kayak's limitations (short trips in creeks or stillwater that don't require a lot of paddling) and they fit your needs it's a great deal. But if you get one thinking you're going to paddle several miles in out in the ocean or a multi-day camp/fish trip your gonna be posting an add on Craigslist pretty fast.