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Mojo Reviews

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This kayak (Emotion Mojo) is…

Submitted by: sbarbian on 7/30/2013
This kayak (Emotion Mojo) is fine for it's intended purpose, but does not have what I look for in a kayak. It makes a great fishing platform, but for day trips just looking at the coastline, it is heavy and slow.

Stability, tracking, carry handles. The stability and tracking on this kayak are amazing. I can stand up on the kayak paddling with a SUP paddle and even handle boat wakes passing in the intracoastal waterway.

Sluggish, heavy. The kayak doesn't seem to want to move. It is slow to get moving, and then doesn't glide well if you want to take a break to grab a drink of water. If you want this kayak to move, you have to keep paddling the whole time. It is also on the heavy side for car topping. The carry handles help with loading the kayak, but there are kayaks out there that are much lighter and easier to load.

Bottome line: this kayak is a stable fishing platform. If that is what you are looking for, then this might be the boat for you. My friend has one and loves it, but it's not for me.


I love this yak. Scored it on…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2013
I love this yak. Scored it on CL for 250 bucks. Took it out to the lake last week in 30 mph win gust. I took it across the lake straight into the wind with no problem (besides getting soaked from waves). Compared to my Spitfires it has the turning radius of a bus, but tracks like trouser hound on a hairless cat.

I picked up an Emotion Mojo…

Submitted by: paddler234227 on 8/30/2012
I picked up an Emotion Mojo SOT kayak second hand off craigslist. I have been kayaking since I was 9 years old (I am 48 yrs old now) and paddle at least 20 nautical miles a week (sometimes in one day), and paddle year round in all conditions, so I have quite a bit of experience I guess. My main reason for getting it was to have a decent boat for my beginner friends to use. With the stability and open "cockpit" of an SOT kayak, worries about flipping and dealing with open water rescues and pumping out the water from a flipped boat are taken care of for the most part. Just flip it over and crawl back on! My primary flat water/ocean kayak is a Cape Falcon LPB in Skin over Frame construction. I prefer fast boats that need aggressive handling. So that means I'll hate the Mojo, right? Uh, nope!

My "baptism" for the Mojo was (after a basic test paddle at the launch site) to load up my 8 year old daughter in the tank well with a 5 gallon bucket and have us paddle from the Oregon side of the Columbia River over to Government Island (near I-205) and pick blackberries. The boat performed very admirably! My daughter's 55 lbs was not an issue to the boat's stability or handling. The boat has decent primary stability, and excellent secondary stability. I can stand up in the cockpit area without too much of a problem, and my daughter was able to stand up in the tank well without throwing the boar over. You can also sit sideways with your feet in the water and it's stable. It's a decent fishing platform, if you are so inclined. Sitting, you can tip it over IF you lean WAY WAY over, but you will not go over accidentally with this boat.

Loaded with me and my daughter, I was able to maintain a 3 knot speed over to the island, so it's not fast, but that's still pretty good for a 12 ft boat. It tracks well, and turns well with sweep strokes as well as lean turns. With the boat empty (except for me in the cockpit), I was able to short sprint it up to 4 knots, but at that point it starts to plane and won't go any faster. It's "fast cruising" speed is about 3.5 knots. The Columbia does have a current that runs about .5 knot to 1 knot in this area, and there are spots where the water gets funny, but the Mojo handled it with no problem. It's a VERY predictable handling little boat.

The Mojo is a bit noisy while paddling. Because it's short and fat, it does push some water at the bow and you can hear it splashing, but not as much as other SOT or recreational kayaks I've paddled, and about the same as others. But, it's very compliant and predictable and has no funny quirks about it, so it's perfect for what I will use it for. The grab loops are functional and strong, and the front hatch stayed dry. The only thing I wasn't too happy about was that water would occasionally wash up through the scuppers in the seat. Not a problem on an 80º day, but I will be getting some stoppers for the seat scuppers to take care of that for when the water gets colder.

So, if you're in the market for a stable, predictable handling boat that is fast for it's length, can carry a decent amount of weight and is one person car top-able, the Mojo is a boat to consider. I think the best recommendation I can give it is that I'm used to very fast, narrow, high performance sea kayaks, and when paddling the Mojo, I didn't feel like I was paddling a barge. It's a fun little boat that is good for beginners and won't drive an experienced paddler crazy.


I got this boat because it…

Submitted by: paddler234743 on 8/29/2012
I got this boat because it said it was 52lbs and said it could hold 375lbs. I mean it does feel lighter than my other kayak. It does track straight and when you turn it feels like trying to turn a big huge dumptruck. It does have a nice cockpit area big enough to move around in. but, i tried to do a self rescue in the thing in waist deep water and could not get back into it. The thing just capsized too easily. And the front hatch just sucks because it let in a lot of water into the boat and didn’t realize it till I got to shore. Another thing is that it slides around on my roof rack easy and almost lost it thank god I have a sun roof. The last thing is that it seemed to be some kind of factory reject because the self bailing holes were like a 1/4 inch off from the joining molds and the text on the kayak has this weird ghost double image like they messed it up and tried to redo it. I got this from direct boats .com kinda unhappy with it.

This is my first kayak and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2011
This is my first kayak and only my 5th time being on one. My first experience was 4 weeks ago. I live in SW Florida. I took it out today for its maiden voyage. We went to Placida where there is a free parking kayak launch point that is too small for trailered boats but just right for kayaks and canoes. I went out into some mangrove trails, crossed busy boat channels, got visited dolphins, scared a few sea birds.

The Mojo handles well although it tracks so true it doesn't like to turn. I mean it TRACKS! Straight as an arrow! It totally wants to go go go . The only time I was wondering why it was strange paddling was because the Mojo was going so much faster than I thought I was hardly able to keep up. It is scary spending a lot of money on your first kayak. Especially with so little experience. But I have few bad things to say about this little boat. I am certainly glad I bought it. I also bought the Emotion carbon fiber handled paddle and it is nice too.


Really great stable boats! I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/24/2010
Really great stable boats! I bought two of them around two and a half years ago (one for me and one for my wife). We found that in calm waters its nice to plug the scupper holes for a completely dry ride.

All in all, these boats are quite stable, they track straight and are awesome for fishing. There are bungees under the side handles to hold your paddle when not in use.

Last spring my friend and I took them several miles from shore on the Chesapeake. This was his first experience in a kayak, and on the return trip we got caught in a storm about a mile from shore. The boats handled pretty well considering they are really not designed for those conditions!

I would recommend this boat for any type of inland waters, and fair weather surf use they are awesome boats for families and fishing use. The back luggage area is reinforced to carry a large cooler or serve as a child seat. One advantage with the sit on top design is that it would require a major hull breach to flood the boat with water. My friend capsized in 2 1/2 foot waves, and was able to easily right the boat and climb back on. Its nearly impossible to swamp this boat!

Mostly I use this boat for fishing/ recreation on large rivers and lakes. If I used it more in rough water I'd like a lower seat. The seating position on this boat gives a fairly high center of gravity


Based on the design and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2009
Based on the design and reviews I gambled and bought two of them, one for my wife and one for my 16 year old son. Went out on a 10mi trip (through the Mosquito Lagoon, Cape Canaveral) and they both loved it. I gave it a try, but my son took it back from me soon after.

Pros - quiet, cruises well against the current, lots of leg room, stable at 1½ft waves, high side walls and seat that keeps most waves out, adjustable foot pedals, lots of storage room.
Cons - no draining from the seat and the far rear section of the rear cargo area (they both hold about one glass of water each).


I got my MOJO here in Hobart…

Submitted by: paddler233024 on 2/20/2009
I got my MOJO here in Hobart Tasmania. The Derwent is a great body of water... Wish I had more time to get out.
As for the MOJO, I can lift it onto my roofracks by myself, which is great. Good stability; next time I will try to stand up in it!! Plenty of leg room and nice & wide.

just bought the mojo angler…

Submitted by: paddler232679 on 6/23/2008
just bought the mojo angler and used it in a few lakes and the bay. The mojo is great in lakes, it is very stable on a calm lake and very roomy. In the bay it is unstable, at 6'2" 225# I felt like I was gonna tip . Only recommend it for a calm lake.

We have bought and used 11…

Submitted by: jimhaubenreich on 11/27/2007
We have bought and used 11 kayaks, and the Mojo Angler is the first fishing kayak. Lake paddling is fine. River floating and paddling is great. Getting in and out at gravel bars is a breeze, and there are plenty of well-engineered features. The only problem I had was unwittingly drifting close to the bank where overhanging branches snagged my rods which were perched in their rear rod holders. I lost a rod tip before I realized what was happening. My bad, not the kayak's!

I am new to kayaking and was…

Submitted by: paddler232270 on 8/20/2007
I am new to kayaking and was looking for a used yak. I had been to two kayak demo days and was more confused than I was before going. I went to a dealer and tried out a Ocean Venice and thought that was the boat I was going to buy. That was until we went to another dealer and demoed a Mojo. This kayak would coast straight and true when I quit paddling and there was no wobble from right to left as I paddled like there was in the Venice.

The cockpit is wide enough, I can sit Indian style (which I like to do) and give my legs a break. When we got back to the dock I pulled up along side and wondered if I could stand up in the yak to step out onto the dock. So, I grabbed hold of the dock post and stood up! I never felt like this kayak was going to tip even standing. This cinched it for me. I gave up my search for a used kayak and bought this one on the spot.


This is for the angler version of the Mojo. I have only…

Submitted by: paddler232159 on 7/6/2007
This is for the angler version of the Mojo.
I have only been out on this boat 3 times and I use it FOR FISHING! So far it has been great! I have been in the Chemung River and two of our smaller lakes so far and I have found the seat to offer all day comfort w a dry butt to boot. It tracks well for a shorter boat, quite stable and nice and fast, with a good glide. It's not the most nimble boat in the water, but I'll take straight tracking any day. Huge storage space with the bow hatch and stern tankwell. The console, w/ rod holder, tackle box, and drink holder is fishing luxury! Plus you have two more rod holders right behind you perfectly placed for trolling but still within easy reach. Great boat for freshwater fisherman.

I was the first to try out…

Submitted by: paddler231413 on 12/22/2005
I was the first to try out this cool kayak as it just got to my local dealer today. I am 250 lbs and wanted a stable kayak to fish from. This new Mojo is it. I felt super stable and not the least bit tippy. I had a dry rear even with the self drains unplugged. I love it. So I purchased it on the spot.