Name: DaveSquall

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Aside from the shaft-sticking-together issue (see earlier reviews), I love this paddle and have no beef with it. It's very light and a good value. After a year of use, it shows very little wear and tear. I paddle regularly with two other guys, we all own carbon Aquabound paddles. We all like them, and mine is the only one to have the sticking problem. Prior to buying boats and gear, we rented for several years from a well-equipped outfitter, primarily paddling with well-used Aquabound rentals, and never had a problem.

Regarding the problem of the shaft sticking together, there is a solution that worked for me. After a year of use, my Stingray paddle shaft was sticking to the point where feathering while underway was impossible, and separating the two sections became a two person job. I went to the Aquabound website, emailed a description of the problem, and promptly received a response from the owner describing how to adjust the fit so that the shaft would fit together again. It took me about 30 minutes of fine adjusting. The result is not exactly like-new, but close enough. If you're having this problem, don't suffer in silence, email the manufacturer for help. As described in some of these other reviews, the customer service is great.

Would buy again, recommended.