Name: Terrym11

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My family owns five different models of Prijon kayaks. One of them being the Kodiak. I have been paddling the Kodiak for about six months.The Kodiak is a great kayak that I truly enjoy. As a timid beginning kayaker I found the tippy initial stablity a bit unnerving. I have since learned to eskimo roll, and do to my greatly enhanced confidence, the tippyness is no longer an issue. Unless you are a heavy paddler, a little balast goes a long way to solve the tippy problem until you get used to it. This boat can be hard to turn with out a rudder until you learn to edge it. Put on edge it turns great. Good tracking, good speed, and loads of storage. For a beginning smaller paddler I would recommend the seayak do to better inital stability. For the paddler that can't fit in the seayak the Kodiak is a great boat.