Name: Cynthia

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Love my Wilderness systems Pungo 120 but all the kayak manufacturers need to add a very important feature on some of your kayaks and that's a side/handle bar on each side of the cockpit or even on the front for those of us who have osteoarthritis in our hips. I find getting in and out the challenge because of how difficult it is to bend my knees/hips as i lower and raise myself into/out of the kayak and having a handle bar on either side would help tremendously esp. in getting out and a bar on the front for getting out?? just a suggestion as there are many people with osteoarthritis that want to kayak but have great difficulty getting in and out. Once I'm in the seat (which another suggestion) plastic screws that aid in seat tilt get stripped after the 3rd or 4th seating. Just saying!!! I've finally put a pillow behind and a wedge under, so my seat tilts but I shouldn't have to have done that!!!

But as far as handling and ease of movement the wilderness Pungos are great!!! I own a small kayak rental business (Lake Isle Kayaking Adventures) in Central Alberta on Lake Isle, and by far the most favorite kayak is your Wilderness Pungo!!

I received my Wilderness systems Pungo 120 as a birthday present and i love it. Its got a huge cockpit to fit both me and my dog, and still lots of leg room. It tracks well, esp in bigger waves, and has a comfortable seat. Mt only complaint is that as a lady who has Osteoarthritis in most of her body adding 2 handles (kind of like small towel bars) on the cockpit would make getting in and out a lot easier as it is, there's barely enough to grab a hold of to pull myself up into a standing position!! (which is the only way I can get in or out??) But the easability of handling the kayak out on the lake is top notch!!

As much as I like how my Pungo 140 handlles in the water there r two things that need to be improved. The seat is held w plastic screws and they stripped after the first 2 uses. I now keep a small log under the front of the seat to keep it somewhat elevated. Also for disabaled people such as myself w severe Osteoarthritis kayak builders need to have as an option 2 (towel???) bars along the rim of the cockpit in order to have something to grasp to help pull themselves up.

I do really enjoy my Pungo 140 as its easy to maneuver in the water, is very stable when the lake is a bit rough and has a nice deep, long cockpit that fits my dog as well as myself!!!

I bought my Wilderness Pungo last year and absolutely love it. Very easy to maneuver, lots of space in the cockpit for me and my dog (she loves to come along) My only suggestion for someone with arthritis like me, would be to install handles on either side of the cockpit at about knee length down to grasp too make it easier to get out

Just bought the Wilderness Pungo 120 and absolutely love it for the comfort (adjustable seat) stability and ease of manuevering thru the water. It has a nice, roomy, cockpit, so that my dog can easily fit in front of me and she doesn't hinder my paddling. My only complaint is that the one plastic screw that holds the seat down came undone??? and I cant seem to attach it back???

This was my first kayak and as much as I really liked it a lot at first mainly because of it was my first and I had never tried any other before, it has a nice wide base for water stability, lots of leg room, self drainage holes, easy access etc but it has the most uncomfortable molded, plastic seat!!!! and no room for my dog. She would sit in the front on top and as much as it was OK and she never fell off, it made paddling somewhat difficult esp keeping it straight.

All in all a good kayak to start with in my opinion!!