Name: petersaenger

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Best purchase I ever made as far as moving boats. We store all our gear in a cargo box in the center and our boats on either side. When we want to go for a quick paddle, all I need to do is tighten the tie-downs and off we go! Tracks well at high-speed highway miles and back country roads and access roads are taken well since the trailer has motorcycle style shocks. Easy to unhook and handle as a cart to get closer to a launch point or to turn around in a tight remote parking lot. Since it's light, easy for one to do and something you can't do with the heaver type trailers. 5 years, many miles, and very happy; worth the investment.

I was worried about buying my first kayak, but after 5 years and many miles, know that this boat was the perfect boat for me. Mostly flat water, but works well in tight turns paddling against the flow in smaller streams. Fro beaver flows, large lakes, and Cypress forests, it has never let me down. The hinged storage lids are something I can't believe all boats don't have- wonderful design and comfort.