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If you want a high-performance inflatable kayak, you probably can't do better than the Razorlite 393; especially for the price. If you've read many reviews, you already know how most 393RL owners feel about this kayak. Instead of echoing all the praise, I'll just say that I recently bought a Razorlite, and I'm about to buy a second one for my companion. Even then I'll have spent less on both than it would cost to get just one hard shell kayak of similar quality and performance.

The best advice I can give anyone is to contact Sea Eagle's "Hawaiian Dan." He's the fellow who does the informative instructional videos. Dan can answer any question you could possibly think of about the 393RL, or any other Sea Eagle product. Then when you're ready, purchase your kayak through Dan. He will walk you through all the details, and make sure you're totally delighted with your new Razorlite 393. Just call Sea Eagle's toll-free number and ask for "Hawaiian Dan" You'll be glad you did.