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Name: Drivethrukid

Most Recent Reviews

Overall, fantastic kayak. Love the diversification of switching between white water and long river or beach trips. Brought this kayak to over 10+ states and it handles all water well. I even use this kayak to race standard marathons. Awesome work Dagger!!!

Bought this paddle for whitewater and it performed fantastic. This thing is able to take a beating with all the rocks it hit. May be getting another soon since I have quite aggressive chips on it. Come on AT hook it up lol.

Fantastic paddle would highly recommend.

Love this cockpit cover. Traveled 8+ states and it works great. Mine did develop a hole from so much weathering and age which would be expected. The whole caused the cover to fly off so bought another. Highly recommend keeping the cover on for a few weeks without highway driving to stretch the material. Otherwise, this thing will fly off on a trip. Has a sleek look to it so it looks great.