Name: canuck45

Most Recent Reviews

Moved up from a Venture 100 to the Sprint 120XR and a great move.
Tracks well for a "recreational" kayak. Cross winds had little affect on directional stability. Went where I pointed it,
Lot less crabbing than my old one.

Easier paddling than my Venture and glided much further without veering.
Rear hatch didn't have any water in it, and thats a good thing.
Day hatch (4") stayed dry (little small, holds a phone and wallet)
No front (cockpit) drain plug, will be drilling a hole in the bow and putting in a plug.
Even though V chines rock easily, felt very confident and safe with the design.
I usually use a foam seat cushion, took it out for a 5 hr trip and was still comfortable without it this time.
Got caught out in the afternoon winds (15-20mph) on a large lake, whitecaps and a 1.5-2' chop. Paddling straight into the wind and wave, handled it smoothly

4.5 out of 5 for value for $$$$ ($1000 CAD), Put in a front drain plug and gets a 5