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After getting a few years of kayaking in I wanted to try standup paddling. I wasn't ready to commit to a pure SUP and the Nalu was a perfect fit! It has a large hatch on the bow to stow gear in which is great. It has two channels in the deck to lower your center of gravity, making it more stable. I got the 12.5 because I'm 6'5" and wanted the increased load limit. It has worked great on the shallow rivers and local lakes here in central Kentucky. Pros Hatch to stow gear, weight capacity, perfectly balanced, one man can load it on the SUV, it's a straight tracker and easy to maneuver Cons The channels in the deck could limit movement of your feet, but they don't inhibit my style of cruise paddling. Usage Slow river and lake touring

After kayaking around Taylorsville Lake, Ky for a few years I bought the Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 SUP. It is top notch. Handles great, tracks well, is light enough to toss up on the car without much problem. I can almost keep up with kayaker buds while paddling flat water. What looks to be the seat pad for sitting and paddling is aft of where I would like it and I'd also like a dry compartment instead of just a hatch to the inside off the hull. Deck channels allow for lower center of gravity, good for stability, but restrict foot movement. Integral hull skegs allow for very shallow draught. Overall a great boat, I love it!