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Just purchased a Necky Chatham 18' composite, after borrowing one to trial. I already own a few sea kayaks; a glass Greenlander 3, composite Seabird XT, IRT Kevlar Mirage 352. Additionally, a polyethylene Perception whitewater K1 & a Wavesport Ethos 10 (my younger days of paddling were only whitewater).

Some in Australia believe the Necky is too expensive (Aussie dollar does not help) and its primary stability is a problem. Not so, for I paddled the borrowed boat in a lake with current, wind and choppy conditions, and in stormy 5' seas with cross currents and early breaking waves, due to the wind.

Given I have many injuries from a car accident in my 30's and now I am in my 50's with arthritis, etc. The Necky is less fatiguing than the above in the ocean when paddling for 4 hours. I pulled up better getting out of the boat and the next day than the above.

The primary and secondary stability are excellent, requiring little bracing with a Greenlander paddle or a Werner carbon Camano using low and high angle paddling styles. The Necky with its fully adjustable thigh braces and general design, fits like a glove. For, the boat parallel to 3' constant breaking onshore waves with the paddle in the air, using my body only to brace the waves - the boat went over them effortlessly with little movement.

Necky has got it right! For a general Sea Kayak that is also maneuverable enough for slow flowing rivers. Since purchasing the boat, I have traversed 2 metre swirling seas and 1.5 metre shore breaks for the winter currents have arrived. The Necky went over the swell and waves and not through them as did the Mirage for a comparison. I was contemplating on selling the other sea kayaks, excluding the 17kg Mirage, but the Necky is superior in all areas, despite no rudder, but less load carrying capacity. Consequently, all are being sold and taking the loss on the 6month old Mirage despite the minor storage restriction with the Necky.

I would recommend the Chatham from an intermediate to advanced paddler, who want predictability and fun in all sorts of ocean conditions that can arise unexpectedly.