Name: jeffaja

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I absolutely love this kayak! I'm 5'11" 185lb and it fits me like a glove. The seat system has to be 1 of the most adjustable and comfortable in the business. I bought mine w out a rudder and have no issues with wind you can point it into the wind and it just cruises. The initial and secondary stability is excellent. It also has great storage capacity. I would recommend this yak to anyone

After reading lots of reviews I bought a 140 and 135 for my wife and I couldn't be happier. The tsunami fits me perfectly (5'11" 180#) it has tons of room for gear, the most comfortable adjustable seat I've ever seen, and absolutely does great in the wind. I would recommend this yak to anyone. My wife loves her to ,the 135 is women's specific it has a lower profile and is so smooth in the water both have excellent primary and secondary stability